Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Handmade Wardrobe Tips

If you are wondering how to make your own wardrobe, you need to start by selecting sewing patterns that are staples already in your current ready wear wardrobe. Think about what you wear most. For me it is skirts, knit dresses, pants/jeans and t-shirts. I am a mom, teacher and casual dresser. I wear dresses occasionally in the spring and summer. After seeing what the majority of my wardrobe looked like, I was able to find sewing patterns in the style of garments that I loved to wear. Making your own wardrobe allows you to create your own look. You can also adapt patterns for your size and build. I am 5'1" so I am classified as a petite. In the department stores if I buy petite clothes the pants are actually too short but in the regular section, all of the pants are too long. Being able to adapt the sewing patterns I buy to fit me makes me super happy!!! 
1.) What are the clothes I wear the most? (Current Staples)
2.) What look do I want to have? (Classic, Casual, Preppy)
3.) What sizing issues do I have with ready wear garments? (Body Type)



Marianne Dress by Christine Haynes
Knit dress/ T-shirts
Out and About Dress

Carolyn Pajamas pants
Pj Pants

Shorts/ Pants


Everyday Cardigan


After choosing patterns you need to think high quality fabrics. Fabric choices also depend on the season. I use most of these patterns throughout the year but I use different fabrics as the seasons change. In the summer months, I use cotton for my skirts but in the winter/ fall seasons I use corduroy or heavyweight textiles. For my knit dresses I use ponte de roma knit but in the winter/ fall months I might use terry knit fabric.
You can also choose fabrics that coordinate well with each other so you can mix and match different garments together. When choosing your fabrics for garments remember to think about what colors look best with you skin, hair and eye color. This can make your own look even more refined. I often find ready wear garments in the style I like, but the color is all wrong. Creating the right fit, style and color will make you a more confident person. Feeling good about your outer look makes you feel great inside.
1.) What season am I sewing for?
2.) What colors look best with my skin tone, hair and eye color?
3.) Do I want to coordinate fabrics so I can mix and match my handmade wardrobe?


I still shop in the big box stores, however I look at the garments they sell differently now. I take pictures with my phone of new styles I like or fabrics I love. If I find a deal (70% or  80% discount) I might still buy the garment especially if it is cheaper than a sewing pattern. Then I take it apart and make it a sewing pattern!!!! I love to go to Goodwill but I look at each item like a fabric bolt. Each item is a repurposed possibility. 

I hope these tips help you create an amazing wardrobe! What are you going to create!

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