Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brother 420 Sewing Machine

I looked at 3 stores yesterday, all different sewing machine dealers. (Singer, Pfaff, Brother and Baby Lock) After test driving many machines, I seem to gravitate to the Brother 420, Project Runway edition. At first I wanted a combo machine (sewing and embroidery machine), I thought that would be the only way to upgrade what I had. Boy was I wrong! This machine has over 294 stitches, design your own stitches with My Custom Stitch, knee lifter, automatic threader, cutter and 10 styles of buttonholes. Plus I can use the Brother feet I have collected over the years. The reviews on this machine are wonderful and the price is perfect! I can set up the Brother SE270D as my full time embroidery machine. I also have a Singer Serger so my table is getting a bit full but I have money in the budget to look at a new table for my sewing room. What do you think? Does anyone own a Brother 420?
Let me know your thoughts! I have not purchased yet but I think this one might be the one.
Happy Stitching!


Ginger said...

I know nothing of this machine other than the 3 minutes I just googled for it. Personally I would keep looking. You can buy this machine at Walmart and other non-dealer places. So I'm going to assume this is a cheaply made machine that will not sew heavier fabrics or leather, like you said you were interested in sewing. If I were you I would go back to the dealer with heavy home dec or duck or denim and some leather swatches. Take big pieces (like a fat quarter), not tiny. Sit down and sew with these and see what the machine does. You even want to bring your own thread. It may be just fine. I might be paranoid. And if the dealer won't let you use your own swatches then walk out and keep looking. I know you said you wanted to sew faster, but I would not take stitch speed as my make it or break it factor. For about $900 (give or take) you can buy the 1008 Bernina and I guarantee it will sew heavy and leather, I've done it before. And it seems like they have a sale once or twice a year so you might be able to get one a little cheaper. Also some dealers get trade in machines and they give them full warranties, so you can get more for your money that way. My local Pfaff dealer just sent out a sale flyer on their floor models, but I doubt you want to drive half way across the state for that. Good luck.

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks for the advice!

Very Crafty Mama said...

i wouldn't buy that. It looks weak. Go to a dealer or go online to Kens Sewing Center and buy a good machine. No way will that machine handle big thick pieces o fabric. I have a viking, I love it. YOu may want to look at Pfaffs, They are very strong also!

Good luck

Sew Spoiled said...

Mmmmm... I am going to have to try it. It is just too tempting. The dealer quoted $650 but it is available online. :)

golly molly said...

i have this same machine. it is literally amazing. i had a singer before this & good lord the problems were copious to say the least.
this machine is truly magical.