Monday, July 11, 2011

A Dress Story; the Passport

First I found suit fabric at Jo Ann’s for $3.50 per yard, so I bought 4 yards! When I got home I knew exactly what pattern to make first, the Lisette Passport. In order to keep all of the sizes, I traced it with freezer paper. There is only 6 pieces to sew together and 4 are the bodice.Screenshot2011-07-09at7.36.44AM-2011-07-11-07-30.png
I checked the pattern envelop and cut out the dress but as soon as I finished the bodice I knew it was too small.
I started over and cut out a larger size but when I finished it was too large. 
At this point I wished I made a muslin!
So third time was a charm and I made a third bodice and completed the dress.
Lesson learned, next time I am going to make a muslin.
Here are a few great sites about making a muslin...
Happy dress making!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think these patterns are cut too small as well. I have this particular pattern (haven't make it yet) but have made the Lisette Portfolio pattern and found the same thing. I had to adjust the sizing. I think a muslin is a must with this pattern series.
I am glad you had enough fabric to complete your dress!

Zoe said...

It turned out very pretty- making a muslin is a good idea, I just have to get over being to impatient to make it first!!

celkalee said...

I know I am impatient as well and resist the muslin. I am trying to adopt a sew-slow philosophy that gives me permission to go and test before cutting into the good stuff. Unfortunately, that is leading to some procrastination. Looking for a happy medium in process is the key for me. Your dress is very nice, the design lines are attractive and fresh. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks everyone, it helps to talk about it:)
I guess that is why I love bags, one size fits all. I do want to sew more clothes for myself. Maybe if I continue sew garments I will find the perfect fit.