Friday, July 15, 2011

Crazy Cherry Customized iPad Case

Angela, Flickr: rosasharn31's Photo stream, posted this amazing picture in the Flickr Group: Sew Spoiled. I instantly emailed her to find out how she customized her Sew Spoiled iPad Folding Case to match her iPad???
She found these cherry skins with matching wallpaper at Gela Skins. Gela Skins has a large variety of super cute skins for any digital device.
Angela liked them so much she started to look for matching fabric.
When Angela found this bright cherry fabric at Fashionable Fabrics it was a match made in heaven. I adore her case. I am shocked that the fabric matches up with the Gela skins of the iPad so well.
How are you customizing your iPad Cases??? Send pictures to Flickr: your Sew Spoiled projects to share your great ideas.
Thanks Angela for sharing your customized case with us!
You Rock!

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