Thursday, July 21, 2011

iPad Folding Case with Accessories

Sometimes I like to go into my sewing room, sit down and try something different. I had a thought that when we take the iPad on trips we have to take the adapter with us but we seem to always forget it. Maybe if we had a pouch for the adapter, we would remember to pack everything... well....maybe

This fabric is so cute! You have to look closely but you can see yellow, green and blue mushrooms and sweet little buttercups and daisy flowers.
I love the Smurf blue fabric that matches the blue mushrooms in the print.
This pouch could be used as a makeup pouch or coin purse. My oldest wants one for her Little Pet Shop toys. :)
This matching set is available in my Etsy shop. I can make it for any 10” tablet with matching key fob and adapter pouch.

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MiezelBags said...

Love this idea! I forget my battery all the time! Thanks!