Thursday, July 14, 2011

Smart Pocket Progress?

I am hoping to hear from my testers soon. July is one of the busiest months and I have not received feedback from all of my testers. After I receive more information I will revise and post the pattern.
Thank you to those who have emailed me and asked about this new pattern. Thank you for waiting patiently.


Lindsay said...

i would have loved to be a tester! next time maybe. sewing is all i've been doing this summer... can't wait for the pattern! i need one of these.

Mel said...

*WOW* that is fabulous. I had a birthday in June and this is exactly what I was asking for, hoping something existed! Can't wait until it is released as I use my iphone for running podcasts and it always bounces around in my pocket! lol Mel

Lynne in NC said...

Really looking forward to this one. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

I'm blogging about my "test"...should have it done in about 1/2 hour! LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

Here is my review!