Tuesday, July 20, 2010

iPad Luv

We recently bought an iPad. At first I did not understand why we would need or want one. We both have iphones, the iPad just looked like our iPhones just bigger and with no phone. After going to the Mac store a couple times and seeing the kids use it, it was clear at this device was a useful tool for our family. My husband likes to read his ebooks, surf the web and check up on worldly news. I like to blog and visit cooking, sewing and crafty sites. My kids enjoy the educational games, watching shows and ebooks. I can't believe how fast technology is moving! Can you imagine what devices our children's children will be using?
If you have an iPad or tablet, What is your favorite use for it or app?

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Country Mouse said...

I do not have one....yet, but I am saving up for one!! They look like they're alot of fun and very useful. I will watch this post for others comments.