Thursday, July 1, 2010

Updating the Laundry Room!

This is what I started with, a plain white room with mountains of clothes and no organization!

This is the decal that inspired the idea of making the laundry room a fun place to be. I found it at Janey Mac's Etsy shop. I have had it since February! I did not want to put it on the wall because the room was not ready for such a fun and pretty decal.
I found the new window treatment at Big Lots for under $10!!! 

The canvas tote boxes are wonderful for storing detergent, dryer sheets and more.
Now I just need a rug to match! 
Next the girls room!

1 comment:

Country Mouse said...

Wow...I never knew being in the Laundry Room could be fun..until I saw yours!!! Great transformation!