Sunday, July 25, 2010

Smart Shopper/ Sew Spoiled Coupon Code!

I went to an amazing workshop with Faye Prosser the author of the book, The Smart Spending Guide and WRAL’s (that is our news station) Smart Shopper. She is a genius as far as living on a budget and how to live frugally. If you visit Faye Prosser’s site you will find a wealth of knowledge! It is like being a part of a secret club, the coupon club! She explains how to use coupons and what the coupon policies are for each store. I had no clue that each store was so different. I thought if you used a coupon it would only be for its face value and a few dollars was not worth my time. Boy was I wrong!!! In some cases you can use a coupon with a store deal and even get the item for free!!! Crazy Right! I had to put her system to the test. It was like playing a game. Was I smarter than the stores???
The first step of the grocery game is to make a binder for your coupons. I know you are thinking that you have your coupons in an envelop or better yet an accordion style coupon organizer and that is all you need. (Yup, I did too.) You are right, if you want to never find the coupons you are looking for! The binder system has 27 sections labeled clearly with tab inserts and you use baseball card sleeves to keep the coupons in. So now you can easily see every coupon in your stash! (Hey, this system could work for my fabric stash too.)
Second step, is to find and clip those little pieces of gold! On her Faye Prosser’s website you can find where to get the biggest bang for your buck!
Third and final step, was to go shopping! I was so excited! I looked for every deal! It was a game finding the best buy! It was funny because we went on a Sunday afternoon and you could almost look down each aisle and see where the Smart Shoppers had been.
I am so proud to say that I bought $125.00 of groceries for $84.22 and I am a beginner! I hope you take a closer look at Faye Prosser’s website and her WRAL site. Learn how to be a smart shopper, than you can spend your money on the important things, like more fabric and patterns! :)
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Twins Squared said...

Hey Leah,
Love the new look of your site! I am going to have to e-mail you to ask how the heck you make a button for your site. I have been trying to figure this one out. :)
I wanted to say thanks for the info on saving money on groceries. My husband and I were just talking about this last night. I just looked at her site and was wondering should I buy the book or the DVD for the most info? Thanks!

Sew Spoiled said...

1.) To make your own blog button go to
She has a great tutorial and if you need extra help you can even email her. She is super nice!
2.) You can't go wrong with either. The book or DVD will pay for itself within your first shopping trip! I think the amount of information will be about the same.
3.) If you go to her site and click on the Articles link,
That is some of it for free.
Gook Luck!