Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of a Kind Guitar Strap!

This is a picture of my oldest playing banjo with Grandpa! 
My Dad has played guitar since he was a young boy. His inner ear is amazing and without reading music he is able to play whatever he hears. I have always admired that! I have had formal music training since I was 10, read music note to note and went to school to become a music teacher however whenever we sit down together I always learn something new about music. I recently started to miss our jam sessions and that is when I decided to make something special for him. 
I remembered that his guitar strap was not comfortable anymore. I looked for a tutorial for a guitar strap cover tutorial, no reason to reinvent the wheel, and that is when I found the DIY guitar strap on Prudent Baby! It is very simple and a wonderful gift.  I embroidered his initials and the celtic crosses  on soft microfiber. I used fleece to pad the strap along his back.  
Making something special made me feel better about missing my Dad. And you know I bet it will make him feel better to know that I was thinking of our musical jam sessions. :) If you are missing someone special, make them a one of a kind gift and send it! Think about something you share together and make it like no one else can. Get the kids involved and make it a family celebration!
Happy Sewing!


Michele said...

My dad has the ear for music too. I've always admired the true musicians who can hear something and play it. I unfortunately, need the sheet music. We are lucky girls to be able to "rock out" with our pops. And the future generations getting to experience it are just icing on the cake! Rock on!

Sew Spoiled said...

Rock On Michele! Thanks for stopping by! Your post put a smile on my face!
(All Smiles!)