Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Project:Colette Madeline Mini Bloomers, Part 2

Yesterday I started this simple project! It comes from Colette Patterns, it is the Madeline Mini Bloomers. If you want to follow along grab the pattern at Colette Patterns! She also has an awesome fabric Giveaway through Sew Mama Sew! (By the way you can find Sew Spoiled Patterns at Sew Mama Sew Now!) The giveaway runs through July 28, 2010. Just post a comment on Collete Patterns Facebook Page. This is a continuation of the Mini Bloomers project. I am going to finish it through the weekend. Tomorrow we will finish! Yeah!
Step 5: (Center Seams) Pin, sew and finish the seam.
I chose to serge the seams to finish them.
Step 6: (Crotch Seam) Pin, sew and finish the seams.
Step 7: (Side Seams) Pin, sew and finish the seams.
Step 8: (Waistband) Finish the raw edge of the waistband and turn over 2". I think you should try it on at this point because I did and I realized that it was not right for my shape. Maybe the style is right for a teenager but not for me, a mother of 2. 
If you want to see how I fixed it, come back here tomorrow and set aside your Madeline Mini Bloomers.
Happy Sewing!

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Mama Lusco said...

I've used this pattern to make a pair and they are so great! Next time I'm planning to increase the front rise. So fun!