Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paper Doll Fun!

I am so thankful that I have two daughters! I enjoy playing Barbies, Animal Doctor and now Paper dolls with them! If you have daughters, even adult age daughters, they would still enjoy these! First you will need to go to Yellow Mums she has the printable PDF free on her blog! My favorite part about these special paper dolls is that your little ones can practice their fine motor skills lacing or sewing the clothes to the doll. That was a plus because my 3 year likes to take her paper dolls with her wherever she goes!!! We have played with paper dolls before and their clothes off and she would get frustrated but with Yellow Mums, Lace up Paper Dolls the clothes stay on!!
If you are looking for more paper dolls, we found a wonderful site for vintage paper dolls!! Ann of Paper Doll Land is awesome. She has more than 20 different doll sets to choose from!!! We love the Liddle Kiddles Dolls!
By the way my oldest loves animals and would love paper animals to play with. If you find them online please share the link so we can go check them out!


Michelle said...

Oh, I'm a paper doll girl! They were one of my favorite toys growing up and am looking forward to passing my collection on to my daughter! These look great, I will have to check out this site! Paper dolls are harder to find these days.

Twins Squared said...

It's so funny that you just posted about paper dolls because I happened upon a great site for paper dolls just yesterday. Check out You can order specific hair color, eye color, etc. to make them look like your little girl. Them come with a cd so you can print over and over. I was thinking of these for my girls' birthday.