Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sew Spoiled iPad Folding Case epattern!!

The best iPad case just got better. Now you can make your own!! Just go to Sew Spoiled's Shop and buy your own iPad epattern to sew your case! The iPad folding case is a new Sew Spoiled design. It is designed to protect the iPad and give the user a stand all in one! The cover has 3 different stabilizers inserted in between the soft exterior and lining. This ensures protection against dirt, bumps and grit. When in use flip the cover over and slip the strap into the loop, pull the strap until the front cover meets the loop. Now the iPad folding case is ready for action! Play your favorite games, surf the net or write on your blog. The iPad is held in 4 frames. Two are elastic at the top, this gives the user easy access to the headphone jack, screen rotation lock and power button. The iPad folding case has 2 different angles, one for typing and a second to rest on your table or desk (for picture slide shows or looking through a recipe on the kitchen counter).

These will make great gifts for any occasion! 
Finished Size: 8”w x 10”
Focus Fabric: Fat Quarter 18” x 22”
Lining Fabric: Fat Quarter 18” x 22”
Light weight interfacing: ½ Yard
Fusible Fleece: 6 ½”w x 5”h
Extra Firm interfacing: ½ Yard
Elastic: 8”
Masonite 1- 8” x 10” piece
42 Pictures
10 Easy Steps
Full Size Templates!
3.8 MB in size
Tested and approved!
Happy Sewing!


Danny said...

I love the pattern and the desire to do it yourself. Isit your pattern I see on etsy.com? I would like to make one for my Pocketbook IQ 701 which is 7.56 by 5.67 by 0.55 inches. What are the chances of getting a scaled down pattern for the pocketbook iq? I would be happy to post a review and link in our user community once I have puchased and sewn the pattern.

Arlene's Bags said...

I bought this pattern last Wednesday and since then have made 2 cases. I made one for an Ipad 2 and one for my Motorola Xoom. The directions are great and easy to follow. And the end results, 2 cases, are also great!

laceylady said...

I'm thinking of buying the pattern. but was wondering, What is masonite?Is it the stuff some binders are made of? Or can I buy it at Michaels or Joannes? I'm trying to figure out (once I buy the pattern and all the materials) if its cheaper to make my own case or buy one at a store.