Saturday, August 21, 2010

Perry Crafts and Party Ideas!

We love Perry the Platypus on the hit cartoon Phineas and Ferb!!! We found this paper Perry the Platypus at Limeth-Deviantar. I thought it was pretty cool to make a Perry paper cubee! It is more for looks than a toy to be played with but it made for an interesting Daddy-Daughter craft.
I want to do a Perry Themed birthday party for someone special. At the moment I am gathering ideas! I could use some help.
Wow! Look at this homemade Perry cake! The tutorial is here at Dabble. This looks like a ton of work but how cool!!!
I found Secret Agent games here at the Best Birthday Parties!
Just brainstorming! If you see anything online, please feel free to contribute to the brainstorming and add a link in the comments! I appreciate any help! If you have had a Themed party like this please share!


the mama monster said...

there is a felt perry pattern on family fun or disney. i just printed it out last week to do with my boys. we love phineas and ferb too! sounds like a fun party!

Dot said...

Nice to meet a fellow P&F fan!

Thanks for linking to my Perry cake! It's really not THAT hard :)
A reader did Perry Twinkie Cakes for a party, if you're looking for something simpler:

And I also have a how-to on making a Perry costume :)

KrazyChloe! said...

Do you think it would be possible to make a perry the platypus ice cream cake? I love perry the platypus, and i want to have a perry themed b-day party, but i dont like cake ;)

JustDoni said...

KrazyChloe! Instead of cake if you could do it out of rice crispy treats :) I've done that before when the person isn't a big fan of cake and that way you can mold it any way you want and then do a fondant over top or something.