Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick Hemming Pants Tutorial

It is school season again and many students are preparing for their first week of school with new clothes. Maybe you took them out shopping during tax free weekend and knowing how fast kids grow bought a pair of nice jeans. Only to come home and realize that the pants were on sale for a good reason, they are way to long! This is all hypothetical of course. (Smiles) If you need to hem pants (Like I do.) This is an easy and fast tutorial to hem any pair of pants. It is not the traditional way, but if you are like me you would rather make a bag before hemming a new pair of pants.
So here we go....
Step 1: Roll your pants, in this case jeans, to the correct height, pin in place or use close pins.
Step 2: Iron the two pant legs at the correct height. This will give you a crease line.
Step 3: Measure 1.5” down from the crease line. Cut the excess pant fabric off.
Step 4: Flip the pants wrong-side-out and fold .75” up, press with your iron.
Step 5: Fold again .75”, this should be where the first crease line is located, pin in place.
Step 6: Sew around the pant leg.
You are Done! Wow that was fast! Perfect hem every time! Very quick and easy!


Joy Williams said...

Awesome tuturoial! I am 4' 11" and must hem all my pants but don't like too at all! This is simple direct and helpful all the same time! Thanks for posting

Kim said...

For dress pants where I don't want the stitching to show, I use hemming tape, you just put it between the two layers and iron - lasts forever :)

Amy said...

This is great- thanks! I don't have a sewing machine, but I think I could use your tutorial with some of that iron-on stuff. Thanks!

I posted some easy freebies & cheap deals at Target for my WFMW tip this week. 

Becca said...

Leah, I love tutorials like this! It takes a simple skill that most people don't know too much about and makes it so easy to learn!

I'll be featuring this tutorial Friday afternoon. I have added your button and invited my readers to see your other fun posts on your blog!

Thanks for linking!


Becca said...

I made a mistake! This will be features on the 16th!!!

Jenn Seratt said...

This is a great tutorial. I saw this on Anti-Procrastination Tuesday and had to come over! I'm 4' 11", too, and I have to hem even petite sizes. What is the best size sewing machine needle to use? I've broken needles when hemming jeans before.

selvedge said...

Love the way of marking the hem, thanks, will use it next time I have to hem jeans.
For Jean:
With DH's jeans, I use a size 16 Jeans needle. They are worth the extra expense for us; I've never had one of them break ( and I've had regular 16 break). I also have had problems with the portion of the hem that falls in the flat fell area -- when you are sewing through at least 12 layers of denim.

So, before hemming, I pound that portion of the seam with a hammer to flatten it out.

Sew Spoiled said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I really appreciate you linking up and sharing this tutorial with your blog readers! Feel free to add a Sew Spoiled button.
Kim, thanks for the tip about hemming tape!
Jenn Seratt, I use a Jeans needle (size 100/16).

Sassy Sites! said...

great tutorial! :) I'm your newest follower... come by and visit me at Sassy Sites! :)