Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sew Spoiled Embroidery Tips


I sat down with a friend this week and learned more about digitalizing embroidery designs. She took me through some of the process as she was making my logo transform from pixels to stitches. I loved her set up with a large computer screen beside her 6 needle embroidery machine humming away as we talked.
While I was there I picked up a few simple tips for embroidering and I am going to share them with you.

  • Tip #1: Set your self up for success! Make sure you have all the thread colors you need, scissors are close and interfacing.
  • Tip #2: The denser your embroidery design is, the firmer your stabilizer should be.
  • Tip #3: Change your needle often! A blunt needle can ruin your embroidery design and you will have to start all over again.
  • Tip# 4: Test your design on a scrap piece of fabric before placing it on the final project. This is especial true if you have not used the design ever before. Sometimes it looks great on the computer screen but is totally different in the hoop.
  • Tip #5: You do not have to hoop everything! Place your firm interfacing into the hoop, spray with adhesive spray and place your fabric over the hoop. (Now no hoop-burn!)
  • Tip #6: The most important tip, share your love of sewing with friends. We had hours of fun together catching up and playing with fabrics and fibers.

Happy Stitching!


Elena said...

Leah! I am thrilled that you posted about machine embroidery! I got a Baby Lock sewing/embroidery machine last summer and haven't really done much embroidery. I haven't bought any software, as that would be a splurge for me right now. I'm mostly interested in monogramming. I need to learn technique, like how to make sure a name is straight and centered, etc.

Any chance you'd blog more about this? I can't seem to find any blogs about it!

Sew Spoiled said...

Hi Elena,
I would love to share what I know. I will write more on this topic. Just know, I am still learning too :).
You might want to look at the manual, set up your machine for embroider and try a design that is already on your machine. A design that is only one color on a scrap piece of fabric with interfacing on the back. Test it out and learn more. Whatever happens you will learn from it.

Govind Kunwar Sikarwar said...

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