Friday, August 27, 2010

Teaching and Designing

Wow! This school year starting took me totally by surprise! Some of you might not know I am a school teacher by day and seamstress by night. That is probably why when I started making my own sewing designs I decided to write them out and share them with you. I love to teach and create. But to teach others how to create something new, that is where I find the most enjoyment!

I have recently receive many emails about my plans for new upcoming designs. For instance, “When will you release another bag?”, “Are you going to publish a pattern for the pleated wristlet in a larger size?”, “Will there be another Ladybug design? I am a collector.” or “Are you going to write a sewing book?” All are great questions and I love receiving emails from you, it inspires me to write more! My answer is yes...hopefully all of these will happen in the near future. Bags are my favorite things to sew. If you looked into my closet you would see more bags than shoes, so a new bag design is always in the works. I did make a few large wristlets this summer and I love the larger size and shape. I am planning to make this new large pleated wristlet available soon. As for the ladybug pleat style, I have drawn a Ladybug Garment Bag. It is only in the first stages, so it won’t be available until 2011. Finally, I would love to write a sewing book. I have a collection of projects I have put together for a book. Whenever a project idea comes my way and it does not fit a blog entry or PDF pattern then it goes to the book idea pile.

Let me share with you a little bit of the process or stages I go through to make a Sew Spoiled pattern that you might see in my shop. Maybe it will inspire you to write.

The first part is my favorite, drafting the idea! I keep a journal by my bedside table and most often wake up with images of designs I want to try to create.

Second, I make the bag many times. (many, many, many times) Usually it takes many attempts to make it perfect.

Third, I write the detailed instructions from beginning to end.

Fourth, I make it with beautiful fabrics and take a zillion pictures.

Fifth, I put the instructions and pictures together using many different computer programs.

Last but not least, we proofread, evaluate, dissect each step and put it all back together to make a Sew Spoiled Pattern.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write me at I enjoy receiving emails and pictures of your Sew Spoiled creations. Also I have created a Flickr photo sharing group called your Sew Spoiled Projects! We currently have 60 members and 29 pictures. My hope is that this will be a place for you to showcase your Sew Spoiled projects. It could be a free Sew Spoiled tutorial or an ePattern from the shop.

Happy Sewing!


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