Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekender Tote Sew along: Pockets and Lining with Magnet

Here is another bundle of fantastic pictures from our Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote Project. If you love sewing you are going to love these sweet pics.  
First, from Pink Stargazer, she is finished with the outer shell panels and they look amazing! I adore Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane collection that is exactly what she and her friend Raygan used! The pictures below are Raygan's bag. You two are going to have to go out together with your fab bags on! Girls weekend!

Raygan's bag from Pink Stargazer flickr photostream. I know there are no handles, remember this is the bag to watch, she will be using bamboo handles!

Then, 9crafty11, showed us what the birth of a bag looks like! :) Flipping her tote right side out for everyone to see! The mother of this Weekender Tote must be extra proud! I love that she added purse feet. I might have to join you with the purse feet idea.

Gorgeous 9crafty11!

Le Touche-À-Tout is making her Weekender Tote from fabrics designed by Amy Butler. I love the colors. Don't you love it when someone asks, "Where did you buy that?" and you have to reply, "I made it." I imagine you will be hearing that a lot!

Le Touche-À-Tout's finished Weekender Tote!

This is Icky Ricky's outer shell! I am impressed by the embroidery. The cranes are ready to fly you to a new adventure! Wonderful job!
Thank you everyone for sharing pictures of you Weekender Totes and taking us through your sewing journey. Make sure you check back for more updates on our Weekender Tote Sew Along!

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aicha said...

Leah, thanks for initiating this sew-along as well as the great pattern! I really enjoyed the whole process. Now time to go on the street to show off my hand-made tote, yey!