Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekender Tote Sew-a-long: Pleat Week!

Wow! I am so impressed by the pictures on the Sew Spoiled Flickr Project Group! Each time I stop by to see what is new there are wonderful pictures like these! I don't know about you but seeing others successfulness makes me want to sew!!! 

Twins Squared shared these pictures and they are helpful to see the steps for this week's sew a long! We are completing page 4 of the Sew Spoiled pattern steps 2 and 3. Many have started to cut the pleats out using the pleat template.
This is correct! A lot of people get to this step and stop! Don't stop you are right!!! Continue! I know that it seems like a lot of fabric but with the angle of the pleat I had no choice but to write it this way. Plus everyones pleat will be a little different. You are right so don't stop!!! Use the excess for a Buttercuppity Key Fob and Noodlehead Zippy wallet

Here is another great picture, from Twins Squared, of what a cut pleat panel looks like and a non-cut pleat panel. Twins Squared also has started a blog of her own at Twincess Designs! Make sure you stop by and say "Hi!".

From Jenny Conklin's Photostream! A finished beautiful Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote!

From EmilySue's Photosttream! I love these prints! What a fun bag to use!

From Migitys' Photostream! She has a blog at Migity's handmade. Make sure you stop by and say "Hi!".
Thank you for posting your pictures! You are all inspiring!


Becky said...

I got distracted with other projects and haven't started my bag yet. The work so far is fabulous and inspiring!!!!

Jenny Lynn said...

I made it on the blog :)
I feel famous!

I gave the bag to my mom for mother's day! She LOVED it :)

Thanks for the pattern!!