Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekender Tote Sew-a-long: the end of Pleat Week!

Here is a new update from our Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote Project flickr group's progress! Everyone seems to be sewing at their own pace. Some have skipped ahead to the last chapter of the book and some are still looking at the contents page:) Wherever you are it is important that you sew at your own tempo. If you are having a hard time getting started, these pictures should inspire you to jump aboard next week's sew a long where we will finish the outer shell!!! If you are wondering where my pictures are I am planning to post some tonight. However, I recently bought a flip video camera and I thought I would try some of the steps on video but the camera has not come in yet!  :(  Anyway, the more I look at this sew a long the more I realize it is not about me. Honestly, it is all about you! Your progress what you have learned and showing off your talents!!
This is Le Touche-A-Tout's step 2, page 4. She also has a wonderful blog at Le Touche-A-Tout

This is step 2 completed!

Step 3 started...

I have seen a few in our group topstitch the pleats edge.
By the way, I heart your Singer Le Touche-A-Tout!

New Photostream!
This is from My Little Hedgehog's photostream. 
Good idea to check the template with your fabrics before starting step 3.
This is exactly how I sew my pleats. Lovely!

This is part of step 5 but if you are smart you have read ahead and you are getting ready!
Thank you My Little Hedgehog!

New Photostream!
The Accidental Crafter's pictures of step 2.

Step 3 from The Accidental Crafter. Make sure you check out her blog
I learned about a new cute dress pattern by Make It Perfect available soon!

But that is not all....
Square Bag completing Step 2. What a clear picture!

Pleat work from Square Bag, Step 3.

I love this! I might have to try this, topstitching the sides of the pleat.
Great pictures! I can see your love of sewing through your pictures! Thank you for sharing all of your photos, comments and questions.
Happy Sewing!


The Sewist said...

Its so lovely to see how all the totes are coming along i need to get a move on mine..thanks for hosting this great sew a long!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Becka said...

I am having some problems working on this pattern. I have made many totes, so I am not new to this, is there a video or any more photos?

Thank you!


Sew Spoiled said...

Email me at Make sure you have the ePattern from the Tutorial page of this blog.