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Heather Bailey's Marlo Bloom Pattern Review

After making beautiful bags for friends and family this holiday season I decided to make a gift for myself. I bought the Heather Bailey Marlo Bloom Pattern in November from another great shop on Etsy Material Girl Shoppe . The gorgeous fabric is Amy Butler's Daisy Chain Collection ! I bought the fabric from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics and I had been looking for the right opportunity to use it. I will tell you this pattern is not like most bag patterns. The instructions call for double sided, fusible, extra heavyweight, interfacing called Peltex (Say that 3 times fast.), fray check and strong .5" magnets. After collecting everything I needed to make the bag I dove into it. There is a lot of basting (Light stitching in order to tack pieces together or in place, used like pinning.) and gathering. If you are a bag maker and you want to get into dress making later this would be a great pattern to try before you buy your first dress pattern. Or if you are a dress maker but you have

Sew Spoiled Horse Lover Weekender Tote

This is a weekender tote for my Niece. She loves horse back riding. She even has gone to horse back riding camp in the summer months. Hopefully she will love this tote as much as I enjoyed making it for her. The fabric is West Hill By Heather Ross - Ponies/Blue and Equestrian/Khaki from Fabric Palooza an Etsy store based here in NC. This fab fabric is being discontinued so if you love these fabrics get them now!!! The font is Victor Embroidery Font Alphabet from Apex Embroidery again here in NC. It comes in 3 sizes I used the middle and largest size for the initials. The embroidery pony is free at Ann the Gran . (Just go to free designs, animals and horses.) I hope you are making time to sew and create this holiday season!

Molly the Monkey and Katy the Kitty

Merry Christmas!!! If you have not tried making any dolls yet this should be your first doll pattern. It is free right now at mmmcraf ts . She also has a Katty Kitty Pattern available in her Etsy store !!! There is a wonderful trick she uses to stuff the limbs and make it easier to turn right side out!! If you make your own join her Flickr groups for the Molly the Monkey and Katy the Kitty .

Fanny Book by Holly Hobbie

My mother is awesome when it comes to give giving and this year was no different. She gave my girls this wonderful book called Fanny by Holly Hobbie. I really relate Fanny in this story. Fanny wants a store bought doll but her mother won't buy one. In the story Fanny decides to make her own doll. It becomes her favorite and she continues to make doll clothes and accessories. When I read this book to the Wee Wonderful Dolls smiles grew on theirs faces!! I hope you get a chance to enjoy this book. Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Coffee Cozy e-book!!

I have found the perfect teacher gift that is fast, easy to make, economical and Teachers love it!!! It is the Coffee Cozy Sleeve at !! In no time at all I cut out all of the pieces, embroidered them and sewed them into cute little cozies. At Target I found travel coffee cups! If you want to be fancy you could drop in each cup a $5 gift certificate to Starbucks or small packet of tea/ coffee. This time of year I always find myself wanting to give everyone something handmade and special. I hope this Sew Spoiled find helps you. If you are looking for a great way to spread some holiday cheer then you might want to check out this cute e-book!!!

Happy Birthday!

In my family we have a few people who's birthday is in December, my sister included!! It is always hard to make their day extra special. I decided to make a Sew Spoiled Ladybug and Wristlet with my sister's initials embroidered on them. It came out so well I think I might have to make a few more:) The fabric is Micheal Millers Ebony and Ivory Ironworks bought from Above All Fabric and the Pink Damask is from the Ava Rose Collection bought from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics . I actually bought the font from an Etsy store too. It is called Victor Embroidery Font and I received it from Apex Embroidery . I love Etsy !! I hope my sister enjoys her new pouches. Happy Birthday to all of you who have a birthday is in December!!

Pop Garden, Pop!

Pop Garden Sew Spoiled Wristlet Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love these prints!! I had a little fabric left from a fun project that I just finished. (I will share more about that later.) I love how bright and warm these colors are. I know that it is winter here but just sewing with these fabrics made my hands warm! These fabrics are from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden collection and they do just that Pop!!! If you know someone who enjoys wearing warm colors than maybe this Holiday season you should make them something from Pop Garden !

Aprons from placemats!

The Grammy came over with cookies, icing and sprinkles ready to make Christmas cookies and decorate the Christmas tree. She also bought 2 placemats and ribbon to make aprons for my two little girls. I only had to stitch two lines on either side of the placemat and run the ribbon through each side and tie it in the back. The girls loved it!!!! The cookies were delicious and their clothes are stain free. Yeah!!! If you do not have time to make everything from scratch, then make it semi-home made! Happy Holidays!

Work In Progress:)

WIP Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I just received these beautiful fabrics from Material Girl Shoppe !! They are Heather Bailey's BRAND NEW Peonies in Red, Paisley in Ice, Pop Daisy in Red and Tile Primrose from the Pop Garden collection . I am in love! These prints are large so for a large bag it was a match in heaven. Can't wait to share more later;)

Sew Spoiled Set in Amy Butler Gothic Rose

Sew Spoiled Set Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I decided to use all of the scrap pieces until there was nothing left.:) I was happily surprised when I realized I had enough for a Ladybug , hairband (free) and wristlet !! Now this set makes for a great gift! Not only that but I bought the Amy Butler's Belle collection, Gothic Rose in blue , on sale at $6.00 for 3/4 yard. By buying this fab fabric on sale and using the brown canvas (I buy at a discount store) I stretched my fabric cost! If you are reading this blog share how you find ways to use your money for fabric in a smart way:) Where do you find the best prices? What kind of patterns give you the best results for your money?

Pleated Tote with Amy Butler Fab Fabric

Weekender tote Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is what happens when I am left alone to my own devices. I get crazy creative! I actually drew one thing out on paper but when I went to make the design this is what happen. I guess this fabric did not want to do what was on paper. It is funny how that happens sometimes. Well back to the drawing board!

Amy Butler Pinafore Flower Applique

Pinafore Flower Applique Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I couldn't help myself. This is just too much fun!!! I made this one for my 1 year old almost 2:). Although she won't put it on at the moment because she has her "princess dress" on. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Pinafore Pattern from Grain and Gusset

Pinafore Applique side Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I just wanted to show you another awesome e-book the pinafore pattern available at Grain and Gusset !! At this Etsy store you will find patterns as well as fabric for $6.00 a yard!! I love her shop and of course this e-book. I added a simple tree applique to the front of this side but the pinafore is reversible and on the other side I used Kaffe Fasset, Verbena Trees in Sage . I hope you try this wonderful e-book pattern your little ones will love you for it!!! This would make a great holiday gift!!!

Cupcake Pincushion with Gigi Minor pins!

pincushion with new pins Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love my new pins!! They are so cute!!! If you are looking for a fun way to spruce up your pincushion then visit Gigi Minor at Etsy! She hand makes each and very pin without the use of molds. She is super friendly and her pins are adorable. It is a must see and for any seamstress a got to have!! Happy shopping!

Ladybug Cut Step 4

Some have asked exactly how do I cut the patchwork pieces into the Ladybug shape. So here is the picture process:) It is very simple. First, fold the pleated patchwork in half like so. Second, place the template over the folded patchwork. The center of pleat is where the fold line on the template should be. Make sure that the top of the template is placed at the top of the pleat. Finally, I like to use a rotary cutter to cut around the template. After I cut both sides I even make sure that each half of the outer shell lines up properly. Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy sewing everyone!

Island Girl Treasury on Etsy

Island Girl Treasury Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I was amazed to see that I was hand picked by a fellow bag designer, Island Girl Bags , in her Treasury pick !! Thank you for the opportunity to show my work to others. I love the other bags as well!!! The shapes, fun fabric placement and handy work make me feel honored to be included in this group. Thanks!!

New idea for the Ladybug Mini purse!

New idea! Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love the Ladybug Mini Purse e-book pattern but I took a closer look at it and revamped the zipper. Before the zipper placement was at the top and only 3" inches wide. Which is great for a cell phone pouch but for anything else it was difficult to use. With the zipper on the side you can easily get into it and find what you need. It also allows you to use the ladybug for larger accessories, like the Ipod touch:) If you have already purchased the Ladybug, Mini Purse e-book pattern at just write me at and I will send you the 4 page PDF file to your email account for free. Make sure to continue to stop by at Sew Spoiled's blog to check on pattern updates, reviews, free tutorials and giveaways.

Cupcake from Sandi Henderson's Pattern

Cupcake closeup Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love this new pattern. If you sew a lot with your machine this is a good project for you because it calls for hand sewing (in 2 steps) so you can practice your ability. I can't wait to get some really cute pins too. Sandi Henderson's patterns are beautiful with every page in full color!!! Also if you have your own small store the copy right is written so small home sewers are able to sell their projects they finish using her designs. Thank you Sandi for being so generous, I love your patterns!!!

Sew Spoiled Ladybug Shoulder bag

Missy's Ladybug From Sew Spoiled's Ladybug Shoulder Bag pattern Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Here is one of my recent creations. I love this fabric but it was a little challenging to line up the lines in both fabric prints. With some extra thought and careful stitching I think it turned out great! I can't wait to send it to my step-mom:) It is perfect for this season!

Presto Wallet Tutorial

Presto Wallet Tutorial Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Presto Wallet Available now !! If you want an easy accessory to make with all of your bags this is the pattern for you. I love projects that take just a little time, money and have huge results!! Gather your favorite scraps and mix and match them in to a beautiful functioning wallet. Also look at the copyright if you are a small shop interested in selling these wallets in your shop just contact me at

Sew Mama Sew!!

Recently I have been linked to Sew Mama Sew!! Thank you Beth for the wonderful opportunity to share my work with your readers. If this is your first time stopping by my blog, please free to say "Hi!". I love reading comments from my readers. It inspires me to write more:) The reason for the link is my Classroom Cozy Tutorial. I downloaded the tutorial to scrib so you would be able to down load the PDF file to your home computer. Just click on download and save it to your own computer. I was asked by a wonderful Kindergarten teacher to make a class set and once I did I realized that this pattern would be useful for anyone parents or teachers. Plus it is extremely easy to make since it uses only straight stitching. Thanks again Beth! I hope you give this free tutorial a try. Happy Sewing! ;)

The Creative Family by Amanda Soule

The Creative Family Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I ordered this wonderful book just a few weeks ago from and received it in the mail today signed by the author! The pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to sit down and read it!! Amanda Soule seems to live in a state of mind I would love to experience that is why I got the book.

Presto Wallet available soon!!!

Presto Wallet Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This tutorial will be available soon!!! I just finished taking all of the gorgeous pictures for this super quick project. After so many wondering how to create this fun wallet I decided to write it down. It was designed for the speedy seamstress. If you want a great look but only want to spend a few hours making it. This is the design for you! In the pattern you prepare everything to be sewn first and then you put everything together at one time. It saves a ton of steps going back and forth between the ironing board and the sewing machine. Happy Sewing everyone:)

Change can be good, Some new help with a new pattern:)

Ironworks by Michael Miller Ladybug Shoulder bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Hi All, I would like to make a few suggestions to those who have the Sew Spoiled Ladybug Shoulder bag ebook . This pattern is great, however there are a few things I have tried out since it was released and you might want to make these changes too. First change, I fused interfacing to the lining. This made the bag sturdier but I will tell you it was a little more challenging to sew down the binding later in the bag making process. Second, I used the pockets tutorial from my Sew Spoiled Versatile Bag ebook . I cut the same size pockets out for this bag (Pocket A and Pocket B) and it worked beautifully. Third, I cut the Heat n bond lite 1 3/4" X 68" just to make sure the Heat n Bond would not be exposed. Happy Sewing!!!

Embroidery on Canvas!!!

Retro Mama apron bag front1 Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Hey Folks, I have fallen in love with canvas lately!!! I went to embroider this bag and could not fit the stabilizer and canvas fabric into my hoop. So I took the stabilizer off and stretched the canvas in the hoop and crossed my fingers. I know that you are not suppose to do that but I am happy with the results. If it had been a tighter woven design it might not have worked as well but I certainly will try it again and keep you posted:)

Retro Mama Apron bag by Sew Spoiled

Retro Mama apron bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Yes!! That is right I made an apron for my bag!!!! It is adorable and all the apron pockets are great for storing accessories. When the design popped into my head I drew it out and started cutting into the fabric. I love it when a plan comes together. If you are wondering how did she do that, then stay tuned, this pattern is sure to hit my etsy store soon.

Think Green

Think Green Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love e-books!!! I always have my Sew Spoiled ebooks with me, they are flexible and they save resources like paper and gas:) If you have not give Sew Spoiled ebooks a try you should!!!! After you purchase the pattern of your choice it is sent directly to your email account. So you do not need to jump in your car and spend time or money. Then you read through it and print out the pattern pieces you need to cut the fabric with. It is super easy!! Also with Sew Spoiled ebooks all of the pictures are in color. I have made sure that only bright and easy to see photos are used in my ebooks. Not to mention the free tech. support. If you have any trouble at all technology wise or pattern questions just email me and we will talk through it:) I have had a few customers also ask if a certain pattern can be larger or smaller. Ebooks are extremely flexible for your own needs. Just adjust the size of the printed pattern templates by the same percent

Ironworks by Michael Miller Ladybug Shoulder bag

Ironworks by Michael Miller Ladybug Shoulder bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is my latest creation and e-pattern, the Sew Spoiled Ladybug Shoulder bag!! I love this design. I hope you give it a try!!! It is available at It is super spacious measuring at 16” wide X 12” tall with a approximately 20" strap. This is a detailed pattern with over 47 color photos!!! All you need to get started is 3 half yards of your favorite fabric and a magnet clasp. No Zippers:):)!!

I love my Mobby!!

Ladybug bag held Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled What is a mobby?? It is when you make money with your hobby! I love designing!! It is so much fun to sketch out designs and a few weeks later see that sketch in 3D!!! I came across some of my first drawings, brainstorming really, and I have learned a lot a long the way! Do you have a mobby? What is it? Doesn't everyone want to do what they love for a living?? Create what you love, and love what you create. Chances are, others will love what you create too:)

Ladybug Shoulder Bag Ebook available at Etsy!!!

Ladybug Shoulder Bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled The Sew Spoiled Ladybug Shoulder bag ebook pattern is now available!!! This is a detailed pattern with over 47 color photos!!! Every step of the way you receive detailed instructions and crystal clear photos. The finished Ladybug shoulder bag size is 16” wide X 12” tall with a approximately 20" strap. The beautiful pleat is on both sides of the bag! All you need to get started is... Material List: Fabric A: .5 yard, main outer shell panels Fabric B .5 yard, center outer shell panel and binding (for directional prints one yard is best) Fabric C: .5 yard, lining Light weight Interfacing, Pellon craft fuse 808, is recommended. (No interfacing is needed with home d├ęcor fabrics.) Heat n Bond Lite, iron on adhesive, sewable Magnet Clasp for the closure. One piece of 2”X2” heavy weight interfacing for magnet clasp installation I hope you give this fun pattern a try. It is very easy to make and fun to show off to all of your frie

Sew Spoiled's Laptop Sleeves!!

Laptop sleeve in red and black Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This was so simple to make that I will definitely write this as a tutorial soon!!! I know that everyone has a different size laptops so I will write it for 3 sizes (14", 15" and 17") The Sew Spoiled Laptop sleeve has a zipper closure and is extremely padded for extra tech. support! I wanted to write a laptop bag design to go with it too however there are so many great messenger bag designs that would compliment this that I might draw that up later. Just name a few, Amy Butler's and Sew Liberated's messenger designs would look great with these Sew Spoiled laptop sleeves. Also on the side bar you might want to check out the Free gusset messenger bag tutorial:) So stay tuned to Sew Spoiled for this pattern and more!

Zippers are Fun!!!

Park Slope! Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I recently had a customer ask some great questions about applying the zipper in her Sew Spoiled patterns. Sometimes zippers can be a challenge but if you try some of these tips you might see that Zippers are fun!!! Tip #1: Do you feel like you are pulling the fabric through?? Does the fabric move to freely and you can't sew in a straight line? In order for the feed dogs to grab the fabric it needs to be held down by the zipper foot. To give the zipper foot more stability move the needle closer to the zipper foot. You will find that the fabric moves in a straight line instead of all over the place and you will be able to sew in a straight line again:) Tip#2 If you get frustrated:) take a break and come back to it. (I usually eat ice cream at this point;) When you come back later to the project take your seam ripper and erase the mistake away. If the zipper is still good try again. Practice makes perfect! Tip#3 Take it slowly. Enjoy your

Fabric Flower from Boutique Nutmeg Designs

Fabric Flower from Boutique Nutmeg Designs Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This was an easy pattern from Boutique Nutmeg Designs !! Meg has fun pictures and suggestions on how to use these flowers! It made me realize that I need to put the rotary cutter down and pick up my scissors every once in awhile. I hope you give it a try. It will brighten up your day:)

Fun House Projects/ Basket tutorial!

Living room Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I have started sewing for my house!! Finally I have made some time for it. This is my latest creation. I got the fabric for the pillows and the fabric covered baskets from my Fabric Fairy! My Aunt bought the fabric as a slip cover for her couch, on sale of course. She said that it did not work, so she gave it to me:) It is Weaverly heavy weight fabric!! I cut the piping that the slip cover had out so I could reuse it on the pillows. Then I used Creative Little Daisy's tutorial on piping pillows . Autum's tutorials are always filled with wonderful pictures and easy instructions. Finally, I covered the baskets. Baskets Tutorial :) I measured the height of the baskets and added 1.5" for hem and seam allowance. Then measured the width, outside of the basket around the top and added 1" for seam allowance. I cut this rectangle out and laid is aside. For the bottom of the basket I measured the length the width and added 1&q

Doodle Bag Tutorial

Find out how to make Doodle bags for all of your fun filled events with kids and adults! The Doodle bag is the perfect party gift for birthdays, sleepovers, bridal and baby showers, and more. All you have to have is a working computer and ink jet printer!!! We used printable fabric, printed out your favorite coloring sheet and made it into a bag!! The pattern has suggestions as to where to find the printable fabric and how to use this pattern. The Doodle Bag gives anyone the ability to create their own bag just the way they want it. If you use fabric markers you will have a treasure forever. Happy Doodling!!!

Mommy Ladybug

Mommy Ladybug Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Sew, This is my new project that is on the table. However I have a dilemma I bent some sewing rules making this wonderful bag. Here is my problem do I write the tutorial with the bent rules Or redo the bag in a more traditional way??? What do you think? The bending of the rules happened in the binding area :)

Little Artist Drawing Case from Craft Apple

Little Artist Drawing Case front Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This Pattern is a wonderful pattern by Craft Apple !! This was my first attempt, the instructions were so well written and easy to follow that I was able to comp lete it in 1 hour!! The Little Artist Case would make a great gifts for anyone who enjoys drawing. I hope you get a chance to try it.

Great Skirt Tutorial!!

New Skirt!! Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is an easy project!!! I would recommend it to any one!! Plus the instructions are easy to follow and free at My Aim Is True . I only used 1/2 yd. of Joel Dewberry's Ironwork and a 1/4 yd. of his modern petal/ forest and elastic. For less than $10 I have a new fab skirt with designer fabric!! Go try it out and if you have made one stop and tell me how you liked it or disliked it. :):)

Sew Spoiled Ladybug inTina Givens fabric

Sew Spoiled Ladybug inTina Givens fabric Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Just wanted to share another great way to use the Ladybug eBook. Instead of using linen, I used another print that complimented the accent print. These fabrics are from Tina Givens "Evening Light" fabric collection. Sew Love Fabrics carries the collection at etsy. I love Ruth's shop!! It was Ruth's idea to use the Ladybug print by Tina Givens. I love this look of country chic! Another good use for the ladybug, mini purse would be for pacifiers. It is the perfect size to zip and store 2 or more pacifiers at a time. Attach the ladybug to your diaper bag and you have easy access! Remember you can find these patterns from Sew Spoiled at Etsy. Have fun sewing!!

Sew Spoiled is now at

You can now find Sew Spoiled eBooks also at You Can Make This ! The Sew Spoiled Wristlet is now available and the Gadget Pouch and Versatile Bag patterns will be available soon! Have fun creating!!

New Ladybug Tutorial

New Ladybug Tutorial Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled It is available at !!! Are you a woman always on the go??? Then you need a Ladybug!! This pouch carries all of your essentials on your hip. Put your cell phone, keys, cards and MP3 player all by your side in your Ladybug. The Ladybug has a 3" zipper closure on top and a short 4" swivel hook strap to attach onto a belt, belt loop, or bag. The Sew Spoiled Ladybug ebook pattern is now available!!! This is a detailed pattern with over 38 color photos!!! Every step of the way you not only have detailed instructions but a crystal clear photo. The finished Ladybug size is 6” wide X 5” tall, the zipper opening is 3” wide and the strap is 4” long.

Strawberry quart caplet from Kathleen Thanks

Strawberry quart caplet from Kathleen Thanks Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Thank you so much!! We received the Strawberry Caplet that we won from Kathleen at Grosgrain Fabulous . We love it and it fits too. You are so sweet. If you have not visited Grosgrain Fabulous , then go right now and check it out!!! It is so inspiring!!! Thank you again!!!

June Swap backpack received from Alice

June Swap backpack received Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled My daughter received this in the mail from Alice Sews on Flickr. Alice and I belong to the Bag Ladies Swap group and she had my name this month. We normally swap with each other but this time was different we swapped a child's bag to one another and you are suppose to give the bag to a child. My 4 year old thought it was Great to have so much to open from Alice in the mail!!! She received a cute, pink backpack, 3 dolls(in which her sister loved), Douglass the Duck, a lollipop, a wonderful card and (as if that was not enough) a Bead set!! Alice if you are reading this thank you so much!!! You really made my little girls day!