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Embroider Your Own Stockings Tutorial, Part 2

So we left here at this point yesterday with Part 1 tutorial showing us how to set up your machine. Today we will embroider the stockings. ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Make sure you have loaded on your embroidery machine the letters you need for your family’s names. Some machines have built in fonts. ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Step 1:  Mark the center of the stocking cuff with a water soluble pen. The first stocking I embroidered, I drew an arrow so I did not forget the correct direction of the cuff for my letters. ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Step 2:  With the seam ripper take the cuff off of the stocking. ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Step 3:  The cuff is a large loop, with the seam ripper open up the loop. Now it will lay flat under the embroidery machine. ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Step 4:  Place the white cuff fabric over the interfacing in your hoop. Make sure the water soluble mark is under your embroidery foot. Use the free basting stitches at Swak Embroidery to secu

Embroider Your Own Stockings Tutorial, Part 1

Set Up your embroidery machine! I wanted to post this tutorial because I have had a lot of interest in embroidery projects. I have had many emails and questions on the topic. First, I want to tell you up front I am still learning about embroidery. When I find out all of the secrets of embroidery, I will write every one of them down for you. Second, I love my machine it is a Brother SE-270D. My hubby bought it at for an excellent price 3 Christmases ago. It still works like a dream. Although, I think I am ready to upgrade soon for more features. This machine is awesome, especially if you are new to embroidery. However it is also very basic. So if you are an embroidery expert, please share your knowledge! This tutorial is for beginners. Ok here we go... You might be wondering, why does Sew Spoiled has store bought stocking?? Doesn’t she sew everything? Well, these have been with our small family since we were a family. We are very attached to these, so I tho

Sew Spoiled November Giveaway!{CLOSED}

Now for the Sew Spoiled Giveaway! At the end of each month we have a wonderful giveaway! January = Tic Tac Toe Pincushion, Birdie appliques and the Buttercup Bag February = Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote ePattern March = Edith Apron April = 5 ePatterns May = 5 ePatterns June = Ladybug Convertible Apron ePattern July = Amy Butler handmade iPad sleeve August= Sew Spoiled Ladybug half apron September= Sew Spoiled 3 epattern Bundle package October= 3 Fat Quarters (measuring 18”X22”) November is no different, the November giveaway is one free New Sew Spoiled Cosmetic Case ePattern to 5 lucky winners. This epattern shows you how to make 3 cosmetic cases with only 2 fat quarters, interfacing and 3 zippers! Cosmetic Cases are the perfect gift for sleepovers, stocking stuffers, teachers, coworkers, bunco friends, bridesmaids and even “the woman that has everything”! These cases are quick to make with very little fabric cost to you. Monogram, add trims or make cute fabric flowers to accessorize your C

Black Friday Crazy Sales!

We are so thankful this year! I am thankful for my family and friends, for our health and happiness. I am also thankful for Sew Spoiled, my pattern shop and this blog to share sewing adventures with you. I hope all of you enjoyed your family and friends. I was looking around online for Black friday fabric sales and found these. If you see another Black Friday Fabric Sale please share your find in a comment post! Just incase Santa is watching. Jo Ann’s is having a wonderful sale on Dress Forms! It is a Doorbuster deal but you can buy it online for $99! ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Venue Designs Etsy shop is having a Black Friday Fabric Sale ! Most of the designer fabric is $6.20!! ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ has great discounts on fabric depending on how much you buy! Amy Butler’s Soul Blossom fabric is on pre-sale for $8.98. ✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄✄ Pink Chalk is having a Pink Friday! Love this shop! Not to mention they carry Sew Spoiled Patterns ! Don’t forget if you see an Online Bl

Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet

The sewing chest I received for my Birthday has a name, it is the Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet . I have loved using all of the compartments and drawers for storage. Plus, when I am working on a project, I like to place my laptop on the center top. I found out more about the Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet through ! I wonder what she would think about how we sew and craft today? Well, back to cooking, cleaning and getting ready for tomorrows Thanksgiving feast! I hope you have a wonderful happy holiday.

Village Frock Finished!

Yeah! I bought more fabric and finish it last night! This picture was taken this morning in the rush to school but she is adorable. I am so excited that it turned out so lovely. The templates I used were from free tutorial by Simply Together . The translated version of Mizoal and Kleinerkarl’s Village Frock tutorial helped me piece together how to make the Village Frock. (Thank you Olga for your post!)  The pictures from the Sugar City Dresses Flickr Group gave me the inspiration to continue to the end! I should receive the true Village Frock pattern from someone in New Zealand! I am still excited. I love reading patterns because there are so many ways to get the same result. Can’t wait to see how it was written. I love the adult size Village Frock tunic by ZaViBaby. I will have to give it s try! Happy Sewing!

The Shawl Collared Sweater

This is a Shawl Collared Sweater from Lindsay at Cottage Home . She used a sweater knit material. I used what I have a lot of on hand right now and that was Fleece! Lindsay wrote this tutorial for LuvintheMommyhood’s tutorial battle sews vs. Knits . This tutorial has little sewing and she made her shawl from knit, so I guess she was on the knit side. I love how easy it was to make and when I showed my friends at work the shawl was only an oval many of them said, “Now, I could do that!”. Lindsay also has a new Party Dress tutorial available at U-Create , where she is guest blogging. PS. I am still working on the Village Frock and after binding the sleeves together, I realized that I needed more fabric. Hopefully I will have good news soon, with a new dress to show off! Happy Crafting!

Twincess Giveaway!

Twincess , a blog that enjoys sewing and crafting too, is holding a Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote sewing pattern giveaway ! Make sure to share the blogging-love around and join her blog. Better yet, make a post and enter to win the Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Pattern ! Plus through her giveaway deadline Nov. 25, 2010, I am giving her blog readers a 20% discount at Sew Spoiled Etsy store but you have to go to Twincess to find out the special code! Happy Blogging!

Village Frock Update!

After the blog comments I received, I did some more research and emailed Daniela from S eek Yogic Style ! Here is her response! Of course I could not wait! I love the challenge of trying to figure the Village Frock out! I think I am pretty close! Thank you for your posts and I’ll keep you posted! No more blues! Happy Sewing,

Village Frock Blues!

I was so excited to make this dress, The Village Frock, by Sugar City , for my daughters for their Christmas dresses! I had seen it last year and could not remember the name of the dress pattern. I searched high and low, finally when I found the name of the pattern and went to buy. I found out the pattern is no longer available!!! After seeing the Sugar City Flickr group I decided to not give up so easily. If any one would like to share, borrow, trade or sell their Village Frock Pattern I will gladly share, borrow, trade or buy! Please contact me at ! I did find this free tutorial by Simply Together ! I am so thankful to have found it. Maybe I can piece the dress together using this pattern for the top and then gather the sleeves. I also noticed that the buttons were not always placed on the right side. Sometimes it is on the left side. If you know more about that process please let me know by writing to me at ! I would appreciate

Fun Fabric Finds!

Recently, I bought these Michael Miller prints from Hypernoodle2’s Etsy shop online ! I adore the way the shop is set up. It is very easy to shop there because the coordinating fabrics are already organized for you in the Fabric Duos section! Here were my choices! Michael Miller's Lagoon Hoopla Dot and Lagoon Play Stripe Michael Miller's Spa Dandy Damask and Aqua Dumb Dot Michael Miller's Spice Hoopla Dot and Spice Play Stripe Michael Miller's Boho Blossom fabric in the Orchid I ordered them Nov. 6 and received these fun fabrics Nov. 9!! If you get the opportunity check out their fun Fabric Duo section !