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What is the best thing you've ever sewn?

There are many handmade items that are my favorites and it is hard to pick only one. But if I had to pick one piece from my entire sewing collection, above all others it would be the Christmas Carol dresses I made for my daughters.  My  family received tickets to see the Christmas Carol live show and I wanted the girls to dress up nice.  Since my youngest was a size 5 and the oldest was a size 8 it was hard to find dresses that match in the department stores. Finally, I gave up shopping and decided to make them myself.  I found two yards of this red and green, plaid, taffeta    in my stash . I bought black fabric for $15, so the price of these dresses were $7.50 a piece!  I used the  Pre cious Dresses Pattern  from Carla C., the   Scientific Seamstres s .  The girls loved them because they could twirl and play with them on. We had a wonderful time at the theater and the girls looked adorable. I learned many new techniques sewing these dresses; gathering, making a placket to in

On To Round # 4

Moving on to Round 4 feels amazing. I have had butterflies in my stomach all weekend. Second guessing all of my design decisions. This is such a tough competition and all of these women are incredible seamstresses.    I am learning so much!    I didn't know you could print on canvas ( like Michelle, from Sewhenge ) or combining paraffin and beeswax  to make a solution you can use to waterproof your bags ( like Teresa from Dandelion Drift ). At the same time I feel honored to be in these  challenges.  The next challenge is the Carolyn Pajama Pattern by Closet Case Files . I have been looking at the Ginger Jeans Pattern forever. This will be a great first pattern from her collection to sew up.  Sew Modern has also given us $75 to shop with, so I have been combing through their stash. They are based in Los Angeles, CA, I hope I receive the fabric with enough time to sew. There is so much to do; print the pattern templates, take measurements, cut templates, wash fabric, c

Arizona Caravan Tote and Pouch, Round Three Challenge

This is Round #3 of the Super Online Sewing Match. It has been wonderful receiving patterns, fabric and online resources to create our sewing projects with. I feel so lucky to be a contestant. Each week receiving a new challenge with new resources to make it with. This week's challenge was the Caravan Tote and Pouch Pattern by Anna Graham from Noodlehead. Anna has a new book and line of fabric out and I can't wait to get my hands on both!  The Caravan Tote and Pouch pattern by Noodlehead is a knitters dream. It has pockets everywhere for needles, yarn, stitch counters and placement markers.  I am a beginner , when it comes to the world of knitting, but I love and respect it. I feel that it has made me a better seamstress because knitting is making your own fabric!  When I received the challenge, I began to wonder what fabrics to use. It was hard to narrow it down. I went to Fat Quarter Shop , who sponsored this week's round, and instantly fell in love with   Ariz

A Beautiful Day To Wear a Dress!

This is a Cecelia Dress from The Magic Pattern Book by Amy Barickman . I love this dress and this is the third one I have made. You can wear it with a belt, that is in the pattern, or without a belt at all. Then it looks like a shift dress. I am currently on the lookout for a thin yellow or navy leather store bought belt to wear along with it. This fabric is Arizona by April Rhodes from Art Gallery Fabrics . I like all of the prints in this collection but this one looked like it would make an amazing dress. This is a wonderful go to pattern because you can make it from any 2+ yards of fabric, as long as the print is non directional.  The sleeves have a pretty tulip shape and I like that it has a big pocket.  It is wonderful to have a pocket!  There is not a zipper or buttons to worry about sewing, only elastic at the neck line. What a gorgeous day! Handmade Cecelia Dress in Arizona by April Rhodes Shoes: Natural Soul by Naturalizer Shoes Shades: Charming Charlie

Sew Spoiled Sewing Space

My sewing space has changed as my life continues to change. Recently, my oldest daughter asked for her own room. Sharing with a younger sister was not working any more and she wanted her own space. My sewing room was dismantled and we moved her in. We then had to figure out where to put Sew Spoiled? It was determined that the bonus room (which is the tv watching, game room) would have to do. My girls love it because it is easy for them to sew on the machines. The machines are always ready for action. The cover is never on, what is that for? I guess if you travel with it. (Day-dreaming: I would love to go on a sewing retreat. ..... Ok, back to reality.)  The lighting is good in my new space. I am very fortunate to have a serger, sewing and embroidery machine.  Fabric and pattern storage has always been an issue. I store a lot of fabric under beds and in closets. I take pictures of inside of the storage bins, so I know where to look when a project comes around. My two favorite

On to Round # 3!

The Super Online Sewing Match II , challenge at Sew Mama Sew, has been such an awesome experience for me. I have learned new sewing techniques, patterns, fabric, online sites and above everything else, I have met really outstanding people, who love sewing as much as I do. At the beginning of the week we are given the same sewing pattern and by the end of the week we have turned it into something different, fresh and new.  I am excited that our next challenge is the  Caravan Tote and Pouch by Noodlehead for Round 3. One of my favorite things to make are bags and accessories.  Thank you so much Hart's Fabric for this wonderful Saint James navy and white ponte fabric . They wrapped the fabric in tissue from a printed pattern. I loved that! I made another Marianne Dress. I am totally crazy about this dress! I really love Christine's design! By the way, my 8 year old took this picture of me! She did a great job.  I am going to have a great wardrobe for this coming sc

Classy Marianne Dress, Round Two Challenge

I am having so much fun participating in the Sew Mama Sew, Super Online Sewing Match II . This week we were asked to make the Marianne Dress by Christine Haynes . I love the look of this dress, I will probably make the Marianne dress over and over again! Christine Haynes is a wonderful apparel designer and her instructions for this dress are extremely detailed. S ince this dress is made from knit fabric  each step was written for a conventional sewing machine, as well as a serger. I have noticed in all of Christine's patterns that she keeps things simple. Only using a few pieces of fabric to stitch together, this makes it easier for anyone to create her designs.  When I started looking for knit fabric for View B of the Marianne dress pattern. I looked for stripes. I assumed that I need a busy print or something with horizontal lines. It wasn't until I went fabric shopping, that I realized color blocking would give me a  classic look. The fabrics I chose are solid r

Marianne Dress Inspiration!

1 and 2.  Extra Petite | Petite Fashion, Style Tips and DIY , 3. Red Dress with White Collar 4. Flower Dress   5.  Ula Style: Pre-spring wishilist  6.  Laundry by Shelli Segal Knit & Faux Leather Drop Waist Shift Dress | Nordstrom  7.  Ideas for Styling Your Little Black Dress - Sortashion  8. French Red Dress  9.  Outlined Dress  10. Color Blocked Dress  11. Lace Dress  12. Green Dress This is a collection of dress ideas for the Marianne Dress Sewing Pattern by Christine Haynes .  It is amazing how many ideas there are for one dress. The possibilities are endless. It is hard to pick just one style to go with. I would love one of each of these. That is also one awesome thing about sewing. Once you sew a pattern and get the right fit, you can make it over and over again using different fabrics to achieve a new look. The Marianne Dress has two views so there are even more possibilities. I like that you can make this simple dress and add a lot of accessor

On to Round 2

Recently, I submitted my Sutton Blouse, by True Bias , to the judges for Round 1 of the Super Online Sewing Match, hosted by Sew Mama Sew .  All of the contestant's blouses were beautiful and I could tell each seamstress did their best. This is a tough competition. I was chosen to move on to Round 2 and now we have a new challenge!!! The sewing pattern for round 2 is the Marianne Dress by Christine Haynes !! When I read the pattern for this challenge, I jumped out of my seat! I adore Christine Haynes and all of her designs! She is a wonderful pattern designer, so I knew this would be a great dress! I have her first book Chic and Simple Sewing , it is truly amazing. You know it is a great book when you make several apparel pieces from it. I made the jacket , cape , wrap skirt and school house shift dress . I also interviewed Christine in March of 2011 . Wow, that was four years ago! I am looking forward to making this beautiful dress. I love View A with the pan collar, howe