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Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron ePattern Update!

Two customers have had trouble opening up the Ladybug Apron Pattern and reading the fonts. The text looks like dots?? Has anyone else had this problem? If you are having any trouble reading your pattern that you have received through me please email me at . Please let me know your transaction # or your Etsy name and I will gladly send you another version with Times Font. It is really no trouble at all! Only one more day of the Sew Spoiled BOGO coupon code: ”Sew Spoil Me”. When you buy any Sew Spoiled epattern , write in the message to seller “Sew Spoil Me” and you will receive the Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron epattern FREE ! July 26-30 buy any Sew Spoiled epattern and get a Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron ePattern FREE !!! This BOGO deal is only available at my Sew Spoiled Etsy shop !! Read below to enter the Sew Spoiled July Giveaway!

July: iPad Sleeve Giveaway!

The giveaway is for this Amy Butler handmade iPad sleeve! If you don't have an iPad yet you might still want to sign up. You might get one for Christmas or better yet you might know someone who would love this as a back to school gift!  The giveaway  will run through midnight on July 31, 2010 with the winner being announced on August 1, 2010. The winner will be chosen using We will send it through the mail by August 2, 2010! All friends are welcome! What do you have to do to enter to win??  Super Easy! Just post a comment!  If you get the opportunity, sign up on Facebook with Sew Spoiled or become a follower of this blog! Thanks! ~Leah CLOSED! Only 2 more days of the Sew Spoiled BOGO coupon code: ”Sew Spoil Me”. When you buy any  Sew Spoiled epattern , write in the message to seller “Sew Spoil Me” and you will receive the  Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron epattern FREE ! July 26-30 buy any  Sew Spoiled epattern  and get a  Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron ePattern FREE !!! This BO

Laptop/ iPad Sleeve Pattern Update!

As you might already know my family recently bought an iPad tablet! Which we all fight over because it is so very useful!!! I decided to check up on the Sew Spoiled Laptop/ eReader sleeve pattern and at the same time make this adorable iPad sleeve! While I was cutting I realized a few things and I want to share them with you. Especially if you have this pattern already or if you want to buy it for covering a tablet or eReader. You will still need the Sew Spoiled Laptop/ eReader Sleeve pattern it will show you how to add straps, how to install the zipper and over all how to make the sleeve. If you are making a sleeve for a tablet like the iPad or an eReader this update is for you!!!! It is easy to adapt the pattern to these devices just subtract 1/2" less than what is state in the original Sew Spoiled Laptop Sleeve instructions. Then I followed the Sew Spoiled Laptop/ eReader Sleeve pattern word for word until you go to sewing around the sleeve. I used a 3/4” seam allowance t

Update Your Blog!

This week I have been learning fun ways to update my Blog. *I have been using a program call MacJournal and it is wonderful! I can write multiple “journals” or books and keep track of all of my projects in one place. It also allows me to schedule posts and publish them at a set time using the calendar. I can write, hit share and the journal entry will post at the time I have set it in MacJournal .  It is also available for your iPad and iPhone.  If you are not a Mac person, I wasn’t until June, a PC version of this program is available, it is called WinJournal . *If you Blog, Facebook and Twitter you might be exhausted trying to update all of it all the time. With Blog Frog you can update everything in one place. Plus you can find blogging communities and new friends like yourself.  *Last but not least, Maybe you want to make each post more personal. You can achieve this by making a blog signature with . You can choose the size, font and slant o

Making Play Dough!

If you have kids you probably have this sitting around at home in little plastic jars. That is right, mixed-up Play dough. It turns green, then brown and no one wants to play with it anymore. I found a super and easy recipe to share. After they make their favorite creations, we can bake and paint them! You probably have everything you need in your pantry! 1 Cup of Flour 1/3 Cup os Salt 6 to 8 Table spoons of water. Pour the water in one tablespoon at a time until the dough balls up and looks like play dough. After we gathered our ingredients and measured everything out. I had my girls pour the flour, salt and water needed for their own dough ball into a gallon sized ziplock bag. This allowed them to mix it and squeeze the dough without the mess! See my three year old has turned her bag upside down and still no mess! Yeah! When the doug began to look like a ball. We pulled them out and started to create!!! With their play dough toys and cookie cutters ready they had a ball

Sewing Video tutorial!

My daughter is learning to sew! She is only 6 and loves making everything from scratch! Here is a video of us learning together. There is also a great Scrap Fabric Notecard tutorial tagged to the end of this video. Please keep in mind this is my first video tutorial and I am still learning a great deal about it! Remember.... The Sew Spoiled Coupon Code is “Sew Spoil Me” When you buy any Sew Spoiled epattern , write in the message to seller “Sew Spoil Me” and you will receive the Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron epattern FREE ! July 26-30 buy any Sew Spoiled epattern and get a Sew Spoiled Ladybug Apron ePattern FREE !!! This BOGO deal is only available at my Sew Spoiled Etsy shop !!

Smart Shopper/ Sew Spoiled Coupon Code!

I went to an amazing workshop with Faye Prosser the author of the book, The Smart Spending Guide and WRAL’s (that is our news station) Smart Shopper . She is a genius as far as living on a budget and how to live frugally. If you visit Faye Prosser’s site you will find a wealth of knowledge! It is like being a part of a secret club, the coupon club! She explains how to use coupons and what the coupon policies are for each store. I had no clue that each store was so different. I thought if you used a coupon it would only be for its face value and a few dollars was not worth my time. Boy was I wrong!!! In some cases you can use a coupon with a store deal and even get the item for free!!! Crazy Right! I had to put her system to the test. It was like playing a game. Was I smarter than the stores??? The first step of the grocery game is to make a binder for your coupons. I know you are thinking that you have your coupons in an envelop or better yet an accordion style coupon organizer

Weekend Project: Colette Madeline Mini Bloomers,Part3

Putting on the Colette, Madeline Mini Bloomers ,  I realized that they were too low for me. I have a round shape (The Scientific term is Bubble Butt) and the low rider hip style does not work for me. Anyway, just incase you have this same issue, here is an easy fix. Don’t throw away your work! Sew Spoiled Twist: We are going to create a casing by cutting two 3”w X (the length of the waist line+1”). Sew the two short 3” side seams. Sew Spoiled Twist: Pin the casing and waist line right sides together. Sew 1/2” seam allowance around the waist line. Sew Spoiled Twist: Lift the casing up and over. Start the fold over process again 2” down. I marked the paper shown here at 2” and that helped me iron the casing at exactly 2”. Turning the raw edge under 1/2”. Now we can get back on track with Step 9: Sew around the waist line to make the casing for the elastic. Step 10: Insert the elastic in the 2nd and 4th rows and enclose the casing. Step 11: Make the button wholes. Fini

Weekend Project:Colette Madeline Mini Bloomers, Part 2

Yesterday I started this simple project! It comes from Colette Patterns , it is the Madeline Mini Bloomers . If you want to follow along grab the pattern at Colette Patterns ! She also has an awesome fabric Giveaway through Sew Mama Sew! ( By the way you can find Sew Spoiled Patterns at Sew Mama Sew Now!) The giveaway runs through July 28, 2010. Just post a comment on Collete Patterns Facebook Page . This is a continuation of the Mini Bloomers project. I am going to finish it through the weekend. Tomorrow we will finish! Yeah! Step 5: ( Center Seams) Pin, sew and finish the seam. I chose to serge the seams to finish them. Step 6: ( Crotch Seam) Pin, sew and finish the seams. Step 7: (Side Seams) Pin, sew and finish the seams.   Step 8: (Waistband) Finish the raw edge of the waistband and turn over 2". I think you should try it on at this point because I did and I realized that it was not right for my shape. Maybe the style is right for a teenager but not for me, a mothe