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Bunny Bag

This is the Bunny Bag from The Makers' Journal Etsy Shop . It is a wonderful mini bag that looks like a corsage on your wrist. My sister is getting married in May and I think these will be perfect little gifts. She is planning the ceremony for the beach, what a cute accessory for the ladies in the wedding party.  This picture is just show off the size of this beauty. I can not wait for spring! This bag will look great with a cute skirt and flats.  The handle is just a little knot that sits on top. The sides of the bag are drawn in by elastic. There is no magnet clasps, zippers or buttons. Yay! These would make great teacher gifts in May! I am going to be making a ton of them. As if that is not enough, you can also buy it in a shoulder bag size ! Love it!

Sew Spoiled Twist Apron

I created the Twist Apron when my sister, who is a bakery diva, had a birthday. I wanted to give her a custom apron that was as unique as her delightful pastry treats.  What makes this pattern different? It is how you wear the Twist Apron. Here is a short video showing you how to put it on. Step 1: Cut out your Twist Apron pattern.                     Style 1                                                         Style 2 (Shown above)   Style 1  Fabric A: Wrap Bib- 15”X 50” Ties- 2- 6”X 44” Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22” Fabric B: Panel 18”X 22” Pocket 13.5” X 6.5” Interfacing Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22”  Style 2 Fabric A: Wrap Bib- 15”X 50” Panel 18”X 22” Pocket 13.5” X 6.5” Fabric B: Ties- 2- 6”X 44” Waistbands 2- 3.5”X 22” Interfacing Waistbands  2- 3.5”X 22” Step 2:  Fuse the interfacing to the waistbands measuring 3.5” X 22”. Set these aside. Step 3:  Create the apron pocket. Fold the pocket fabric right sides

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I have a few new year resolutions for 2017 I am going to share but first,  we got snow! Everyone laughs at us because we get so excited! But I can't help it, snow makes everything look beautiful. My wonderful husband took this footage with his drone. Ok here are my resolutions. #10 Make more Sew Spoiled DIY video tutorials. #9 Enjoy selfish sewing! I make so much for others that it is hard to take time out just for me. However, selfish sewing is so much fun and refreshing. #8 Leave work at work. This one is very hard, especially as a teacher. I need to plan better, so I bring less stuff home. #7 Organize! Organize! Organize! That means fabric, patterns, knitting stuff, and silhouette stuff. If you have a helpful tip here I would love a comment, please. Thanks! #6 Take more walks. This one should be easy since I have a puppy! #5 Listen more! Listen to my family, friends, and students. #4 Make more patterns. Actually, I have made more Sew Spoiled patt