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Sew Spoiled Wristlet Tutorial

Have you always wanted to sew a zipper wristlet but you have been afraid of it not turning out right? I have recorded the entire process so you can see each step completed successfully. You can do this! The pattern is also available here for free! Watch the tutorial over and over to see each step. You've got this!  These wristlets make great gifts for teachers, bridesmaids, friends, and family.  The Sew Spoiled Wristlet Pattern is available at . Here is a tutorial to make it with a shoulder/ wristlet strap. Best Wishes and Tons of Stitches!

Sew Spoiled Face Mask Tutorial

The perfect fit mask for your friends and family. This mask tutorial has a pocket for a filter and is 3 layers of fabric. This is not a surgical face mask.  Materials Needed: PDF Template Main Fabric:  Scrap Fabric Lining Fabric:  Scrap Fabric 3/8” Elastic  4 Pony Beads Large Tapestry Needle  Step One: Cut Cut out two Template A in the main fabric. Cut out two Template B in lining fabric. Cut out two Template C (Pocket) in lining fabric.  Cut 2 pieces of Elastic at the measurement below according to the mask size. Size Elastic To cut in inches Adult Large 11 Adult Medium 10 Adult Small 9 Child Large 8 Child Medium 7 Child Small 6 Step Two:  Sew the Template A (two main fabric) pieces, placed right sides together, and sew along the curve. Sew the Template B (lining fabric) pieces, placed right sides together, and sew along the curve. Sew the Template C (pocket) pieces, placed right sides together, and sew along the cur

Chevron Quilt

If you are new to quilting you should give this one a try. It is the chevron quilt . To make it even easier purchase a layered cake of quilting squares precut in 10" blocks . I love the magic of sewing the 10" squares right sides together first all long all four sides. Then cut the block from corner to corner making wonderful triangles. Rearrange the triangles to create this chevron pattern. I was given this fabric years ago. Really it so ugly to me I had tried to throw it out several times. However,  like books, I have an extremely hard time throwing out fabric. I know that if I can find the right project every fabric has a use.  Once I saw the chevron quilt I knew that this was the right project for this fabric. I bought a twin size batting piece and cut it in half for a throw blanket,  My favorite part of quilting is playing with the color variations. I have seen rainbow bands of color as well as a mix of prints and designs. Can you use this quilting technique for other q