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New Washi Tunic

I bought this beautiful fabric by Pat Bravo called Marqueterie in Berry. I love all of the colors in it! You could wear this top with anything and it would match! I have been on a Washi Kick lately and if you are wondering, "What is that?". It is an adorable dress/ tunic pattern by Made by Rae.   I have found that I like to make tops more than dresses for myself. I end up wearing the top more and it takes less time and fabric. Here is a picture of the shirring process. This is a picture of the front of the bodice. I placed cap sleeves on my washi tunic this time. The directions call for you to sew the sleeves on after sewing the side seams. However, if you are using an overlock machine, it is easier to sew the sleeves on before sewing the side seams. Here is the back. I like the tailored look that the shirring gives to this garment. Can't wait to sew a few more. Happy Sewing!

New Washi Dress

Now that I know my size for the Washi Dress from Made by Rae . I can't wait to buy more fabulous fabric for my next dress or tunic. I get so excited when I can make a sewing pattern in my correct size. I have never had so much success the first time with making a garment. I am short, so I usually have to make the template smaller. Here are a few fabrics that have caught my eye.... At the Needle Shop on Etsy At Fabric Fetish Shop on Etsy At Fanciful Fabrics Shop on Etsy At Sew Me A Song Shop on Etsy At Rock Paper Scissors shop on Etsy So many choices, so little time. Happy Sewing!

My First Washi Dress

This is the Washi Dress pattern from Made by Rae . I have been looking at it since she first wrote about it on her amazing blog . I love the look and pockets!!! I have to have pockets! I was going to make a muslin but then I realized the only large piece of fabric I had was this piece of denim. I printed out the pattern and set to work. The shirring gave me some trouble. I had never tried to shirr denim before. The thicker fabric did not want to gather. I went through two bobbins of elastic thread before I had the tension right for this project.  I am glad that it actually turned out. The directions are easy to follow with tons of help on Rae's website. There are many ways to sew the neck line; u-shape, scoop, or the peter pan collar. You can also change the sleeves (cap or long) or go sleeveless like this. Now that I feel comfortable with the sizing, I have been searching for fabric to make more!  If you have been waiting to get this pattern, don't wait another

What to sew??

I have been searching for the perfect sewing project. What to make next? I love the Braid bag. It is such a cute bag to take on a date night on the go. It is just the right size for a movie night or wine and dining with the hubby. It is also a quick project to make. After cutting, I can create one in about 2 hours. The wave shoulder bag is also wonderful. I want to make another one with grey corduroy on the bottom and handle and  Rob Bancroft for Cloud 9, Tick Tock in Teal   fabric on top.  A winter bag in corduroy would be adorable. I can't wait for spring! I have already started a spring sewing list and it is still January! Here is a cute sling bag I would love to make.   What are you making??

iPad Mini Case Pattern Available!

The Sew Spoiled iPad Mini Folding Case ePattern is available in my Etsy Shop ! If you want a new case for your iPad Mini this is the best design out there! You can buy the sewing pattern if you like to make your own or commission me to make a case for you . I love helping others create something unique and beautiful. I have made over a hundred cases for people all over the world. Let's make something wonderful!

Skinny Jeans Tutorial

Materials: One pair of old Jeans  Pins Chalk Sewing Machine/ Serger  Step 1: Put your old jeans on inside out and pin. You might want to mark the pinned line with chalk. I pinned from the inside but you could also pin from the outside.  Step 2: Baste stitch the pinned line. Try out the jeans and if it is not the right fit, remove the baste stitches and try again. If it feels great, stitch over the baste stitches.  Step 3: Serge or zigzag stitch the edges. Enjoy your new jeans! These look great with boots!