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CHIC KIMONO from ManiMina

I bought this epattern from Mani Mina  on Etsy. If you have not seen her shop you should check it out! Super cute kid patterns. This pattern was easy to print out, cut and sew! I love making anything for my girls. They are so little, so it doesn't take much fabric to make them something fun and cute. I wish they had this pattern in Mommy size but I have not found it yet!  Happy Sewing! ~Leah

Noodlehead Zippy Wallet

Noodlehead Zippy Wallet Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I found this cute Zippy Wallet tutorial at Noodle Head ! She is so crafty and creative! I made it in a matter of minutes with left over scraps from the Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Pattern . I think next time I will make it with a loop and attach it to my key fob. I also found a Key Fob tutorial  that I like to use at Buttercuppity . This is a perfect gift for a group of friends using different fabrics. Happy Sewing! ~Leah

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you Carrie again for the wonderful name! I love how the pattern came out! It looks wonderful!  This epattern is 12 pages long, with over 60 pictures, 3 strap sizes and 3 full size templates. Learn a new way to make elastic pockets. The Finished Cabrio Tote is 14"Tall, 12" Wide and 4" Deep. Materials needed to make the Cabrio Tote... Fabric A 1/2 yard Fabric B 1/2 yard Fabric C 1/2 yard 18"X 22" fat quarter to make the two slip elastic pockets. Pellon® 808 Craft Fuse interfacing 3 yards. 1 magnet clasp 20" of fold over elastic binding.  Happy Sewing ~Leah

Meet the Cabrio Tote!

I loved all of the great names that you gave me! Thank you for responding!! I had no idea that everyone would be so interested in naming a new bag but you are right it is one of the most important steps in designing a new pattern! It was truly hard to pick just one but as soon as I read this comment, "That bag is fabulous! When I think of convertible I always think: "Cabriolet" or "Cabrio" for short. I had a VW Cabrio, LOVED that car!! =) This bag would have looked wonderful sitting in the passenger seat ;)",  I knew that it was a perfect fit. If Carrie Me would please email me at I will gladly send you one Sew Spoiled Epattern free. If you want the Cabrio Tote epattern one you might have to wait a week or two.  Thank you again for all of your help! ~Leah

Give me a Name!

I need your help! I have made these beautiful bags but they do not have a name!  Each one is a convertible bag, which means you can carry it as a shoulder bag or a backpack!  They are very spacious with two interior elastic pockets. This one in the Eiffel Tower print went to the Art Teacher at school. She has a little one of her own and she said that the backpack mode is wonderful and leaves her hands free to help her daughter.   I love it when a bag has more than one use.  The bag in linen is for my sister, she has a greyhound named Max. I thought she could use it for going to the outdoor markets and beach with her puppy. Now she just needs a matching collar for Max!  This Zebra print bag is going to my Step-Monster, I mean Step-Mother. :) She has a job that takes her all over. If you like to travel (or have to travel) this would make a fun carry all bag for any adventure.  So, now I need your help. If you have a clever name for this cute bag please share!!!  Any suggestions are welco