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Amy Butler In Town Bag, Enclose Zipper

I created a Schoolhouse Tunic March 2010 using this gorgeous fabric Anna Maria Horner, Good Folks Fortune in Chocolate and since then I realized I don't wear it anymore and I still love the fabric! That's when I realized I have to upcycle it and make it something new. I chose to make the Amy Butler, In Town Bag. It is a super small bag so I knew right away that the button closure would not work for me. Then I thought about a magnet closure but that would take up more of the inside of the bag. I found a tutorial on how to apply an enclosed zipper! This bag is tiny and to best utilize the space a zipper was the best closure. I used 4 pieces of fabric cut to 9" long X 1.5" wide to create the enclosed zipper. I placed leather for the bottom of the bag. It is easier to keep it clean and looks great! I did sew in the slip pocket template on one side of my bag. The zipper closure falls over the pocket to keep items from falling out. If you are interested in learning

Sew Over It Heather Dress #3

I made a plaid Heather Dress designed by the Sew Over It ! Making anything out of plaid is extremely hard. You have to make sure you are lining up all of the horizontal and vertical lines with the grain lines on the paper pattern pieces. I used a ruler on top of my paper pattern pieces to make sure that everything lined up. It took longer to true up the fabric than it took to make the actual dress but it was well worth it! In the end, I had to decide that the horizontal lines mattered more. I placed also paid close attention to where the notches where on the separate pattern pieces so when I sewed them together it would also align. If you don't want to deal will plaid craziness and you still would like to have plaid on your dress, you can use plaid fabric for the center front and back pieces of the pattern. I am not sure I recommend others to sew this dress pattern totally in plaid. Many have used a plaid or other design for the center panel and that works very well. I am a cra

Two Zipper Hipster Review

This pattern is called the  Two Zipper Hipster , by  Dog Under My Desk . I first reviewed it four years ago  here  after receiving my embroidery machine for Christmas 2014. I love this design and I have to say I believe this crossover bag to be the best crossover bag pattern out there. The slip pocket and zipper front pocket is super convenient. I use it for my phone and glasses. The adjustable strap makes this bag perfect for anyone. I personalized the front of the zipper pocket with my initials and added a Sew Spoiled design on the back. Selfish sewing is so much fun! I realized when I got home from the fabric store that I bought the wrong color in zippers. I bought navy and the denim was not navy and not dark enough to be black. Well, with black zippers it looked navy and with navy zippers, it looked black. So I decided to go with light blue and match the embroidery to tie it all together. This also made me realize that you could do this with a variety of colors; making the

Sew Over It; Heather Dress #2

See I told you, after sewing Heather Dress #1 , here is Heather Dress #2. This time I used a sweater knit fabric. It is so warm, comfortable and soft. Great for the wintery weather we are having in the south this year. Also, the pockets seem to perform better in this fabric choice. Here is a close up of the pocket! I again had a little extra fabric. So I made a knit pencil skirt. I just used a pencil skirt that I had in my closet as a pattern. Yay, I love getting a little extra fabric for one more design. This stretches my fabric wardrobe budget. Piecing everything together can be fun and give you the boost you need to start sewing! I love how easily this dress comes together. It looks professional but at the same time feels great. I can teach music and move around and look great all at the same time. Save Save

Orange Everyday Sweater

This pattern is the  Everyday Cardigan by Lisa Clarke . It is a fast knit and there is no button band.  I love that. There are just a few patterns that are tried and true, this is one of them. They are staples in my wardrobe. I would love to make one every year! This year when the weather started to get cold, I began wanting to make another Everyday Cardigan.  I bought this beautiful orange yarm and set to work.  I love the orange color and sweet snuggles that I received from my puppy knitting. Knitting does take a long time but it is a craft you can do anywhere. It is so relaxing and warm. Hope this inspires you to give it a try.

Sew Over It; Heather Dress #1

I love this dress pattern, The Heather Dress from Sew Over It ! Of course, that means that I have to make 100 of them. I apologize now to you, my readers. You might have to see many more of these. These dresses are comfortable and soft, they look great in Pont De Roma fabrics and you can find this fabric in every color. Also, the Heather Dress, from Sew Over It, combines two of my favorite things knit fabric and pockets! I love pockets! No wonder I love making bags so much, bags are all about my pocket addiction. I have made many knit dresses but it is nearly impossible to place pockets in a knit dress because the dress sags. The entire dress droops and gravity takes its toll. By the end of the day, your dress is longer just because you put things in your pockets. The Heather Dress is different the pockets can be used and look great.  Knit fabric dresses are extremely versatile! You can wear them in the spring/ summer with sandals and you can wear them in the fall/ winter with b

Monogramming Inspiration

My sister just moved into her beautiful dream home and asked for me to monogram some towels for her. These are the finished product. I am so glad that everything turned out so well. I love the ladder made from repurposed wood and the grey floors. It is fun to help someone get the finished result that they were looking for. Sure, the towels would have looked great without the monogram but the design puts it over the top. I found the design letter here, at Great Notions Design . Sometimes choosing a letter monogram can be daunting with all of the choices you have. As you probably already noticed I did not hoop the towel, only the interfacing. I used a baste stitch first to hold the interfacing, towel and water soluble topper together. I know most people do not do it this way but I really believe it is the best way to embroider. Best wishes and tons of Stitches!