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Best of Sew Spoiled 2014

Sew Spoiled had a great year this year. I started with a brand new embroidery machine, Brother PE-770 . I have embroidered everything! I love adding an extra monogram or personalization to someone's gift. Many of the tutorials I wrote this year involve embroidery. Sewing is always my main focus and this year was no different. I made a lot of wardrobe items for myself. Self sewing can be fun. My favorite sewing book this year was The Magic Pattern book by Amy Barickman . Everything I made from her book turned out like the models wearing it in the pictures. She gives tons of fabric ideas and no paper templates to loose. A CD has all the patterns available on it, print only what you want to make. I learned how to knit on my own this year! You can look up and learn so much using online videos and that is what I did. I can't wait to see what next year brings in knitting. There is a whole new world of yarn, look up .  I still do not understand all of it but I am

Top 10 Tunic and Dress Sewing Patterns

This time of year I start to look for selfish sewing projects that are quick and easy to make. I have wrapped and made gifts for all on my lists and now I am wanting to make a few things for myself. Here are a few dress on my list to try 2015. They would all look great with a pair of fleece legging and ballet flats or boots. Can't wait to try them all! Laurel Tunic or Dress ePattern by Greenstyle creations The Lady Skater Sewing Pattern Out and About Dress Free Tutorial Bridget Dress Pattern Peony Dress by Colette Sewing Patterns  Coco Dress By Tilly and the Buttons Perri Pullover by Cali Faye Collection Skippy Dress from Make it Perfect Sunni Dress Pattern from Figgy's Patterns Chic Cowl Neck Shift from Indygo Junction

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for so many blessings including family and friends. We are working hard on handmade gifts this time of year and want to make it easier for you. Today starts our $5.00 pattern sale! No coupon needed just stop by Sew Spoiled's Esty Shop and find all the sewing patterns you need for your handmade gifts.  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Best Wises!

Finished Antler Cardigan Sweater

I truly love how well the Antler Cardigan turned out. I made this one for my youngest daughter and she says she loves it. I made it from Vanna's Choice , 100% Acrylic yarn. I knew that this sweater would have to be able to go through the washer and dyer. I had never attempted a few of the knitting techniques in this pattern, so I was learning as a go. Some of the new techniques for me were... Making a sweater bottom up, Cable knitting, Joining sleeves, Button band, and Kitchener stitch. I found youtube videos on all of these skills. We are so lucky that you can learn from others online. I also adored going to online and seeing all of the Antler Sweaters others had made. It really helped and inspired me to continue knitting. I love that now I know how to knit this sweater! I can make it in any size! I started on this project Nov. 8th and finished it Nov. 22. That is only 15 days!   I got two thumbs up! Awesome!

Antler Cardigan Sweater

luckyjuju I love this sweater so much that I decided to try to make it! This cardigan is called the Antler Cardigan and it was written by Tin Can Knits by Emily Wessel and Alexa Ludeman. The Antler Cardigan is written for kid and adult sizes! Yes, I know that means I can make a small one for each of the girls and a mommy size one for me!! I can't wait!  Of course, my daughter chose pink! So far I have finished the two sleeves and I am working the body. I used the peace sign hoody to show the size I am hoping for.   Tin Can Knits also wrote this helpful blog post for people like me who are still learning about knitting. I found it very helpful.  I am a little worried about joining the sleeves into the round but I found this awesome blog post from Ysolha . Also, I was a little scared about the cable knitting until I watched this video. Wow! Now I think I can make the entire sweater and after I make this one I want to make two more. Hope you give this sweater a

Sugru Review!

I have to share with you a new product that has so many uses!!! It is called Sugru and it is play dough for grown ups. All you do is find a need, open the package, squish it and mould it anywhere you want. Sugru can stick to anything and hardens like other silicones. I had the perfect problem to trouble shoot. My dishwasher rack  started to rust and fall apart. Yuck! I took all of the rust off but this left a metal rod exposed. You have to squish it. It feels just like play dough but has a funny smell to it.  Make sure you keep this away from children!!  You have to let it dry for 24 hours and Ta Da it is fixed!!! Sugru is amazing! I have used my dishwasher now for an entire week and Sugru has protected the dishwasher rack. No more rust and I did not have to buy a new rack I could still use this one. Stuff is not made to last any more but with Sugru you can fix it. You can even personalize products to make them better.

Oatmeal Pullover Sweater Finished!

I adore my new red-orange sweater. The pattern is called the Oatmeal Pullover Sweater from Jane Richmond . This morning the temperature outside was 40 degrees and it was perfect weather for a sweater! When a project takes so much time you sometimes wonder if all the effort is really worth it. I am so glad I finished it. I did do a few things differently, for instance, I made full length sleeves not 3/4. Funny story, after knitting the amount the pattern asked for I realized that it was too long so I just decided to knit the rest of the sleeve. (I guess I have short arms.) It also looks great under my Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic Patterns.  You should definitely try it! 

Oatmeal Pullover Pattern Review

I learned how to knit March of this year and I started with the Antrorse Sweater. It was probably not the smartest first knitting project but I enjoyed it. This time I decided to make another sweater but easier pattern. I am using the Oatmeal Pullover pattern by Jane Richmond . I really couldn't be happier! It calls for Lion's Easy Chunky Yarn, I was able to find all the supplies at our local Michael's store. Also because I used the magic loop technique on the collar and sleeves I basically was able to knit with the same needles the whole time. That might be the wrong thing to do but it worked for me.  This is the collar. It is a raglan sweater so there are 4 markers placed around the sweater to increase at in the beginning.  Then you separate the sleeves and knit forever straight down! I love the color, it is perfect for fall. I think it will be cold in the Carolinas this year so I am looking forward to wearing my beautiful sweater through the long winter.

New Music Room!

I took a new music job and it has been such a great adventure so far! Before I got there the school had only had part time music teachers and no music room. I have tried to create an awesome music space for our students. ( I apologize for not writing recently but the time I spent working on this room was well spent.) I have made curtains, spray painted iron music notes, found music books and instruments all over the school and bought blue carpet!  Yes, Blue!  My dad and step mom donated three of these great big iron music staves. I spray painted them blue and put them on the back wall with commander hooks.  The curtains look red in the sunlight. They also help with making the room dark enough to project on the board. The blue carpet I found at Ollies for a good price! I had to buy two 6'X9' rugs to cover the floor. The kids love their new space and I hope we share wonderful memories in this new space!