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Sweet Purse July Giveaway!

Today we are starting a Giveaway for a Cloud 9, Sweet Coin Purse and key fob. Plus we will embroider a three letter monogram on one side. The winner will be chosen through Rafflecopper, just follow the instructions below. The coin purse and key fob will be made from the same Cloud 9 fabric above. I will make it and send it by August 3, 2013. Thank you for reading Sew Spoiled! a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Market Bag Tutorial with Cloud 9 Fabric

If you would like to print your own copy of this tutorial here is the PDF.

Cloud 9 Accessories

I created a sweet coin purse and key fob to go with my new Sew Spoiled Tote. One of the best parts about making your own bags is that you can create accessories. My favorite accessories to make are purse organizers, coin purses, key fobs, wallets, glasses cases and phone cases. I also love to shop for matching pens, notepads, gum packets, makeup brushes, lotion, hand sanitizer, lipgloss, microfiber cleaning cloth, etc. When giving a handmade bag away, don't forget the accessories and to add a coin to it, it is suppose to bring luck money-wise to the recipient.  Happy Sewing!

On Cloud 9 with GeoCentric Fabric

If you are visiting from Sew Mama Sew, Welcome! Earlier this month I received three half yards of GeoCentric canvas from Cloud 9 . Beth from Sew Mama Sew set up the bag challenge and asked if we would create bags from two of the three GeoCentric prints.  The three half yards I received were; circles in metal, diamonds in sky and interlock in sprout. These prints are beautiful and work well together. When I started making my Sew Spoiled Tote the prints looked so good together I had trouble choosing where to place each print. After many suggestions on Facebook the conclusion was diamonds in sky for the focus fabric with circles in metal for the pockets. The GeoCentric canvas is 7 oz. in weight, so I used interfacing to make it a little sturdier. The straps are made from 1.25" canvas webbing.  The bag design is my own and is written for 3 sizes small, medium and large. It will be available this fall 2013. Make sure you visit my shop for more Sew Spoiled ePatterns . I

Tardis iPad Mini Case

Recently my husband and I have been watching Dr. Who together. I love the Tardis and how it travels to any destination and time. Dr. Who makes me think and even after the episode I usually ask tons of questions. It is not mind numbing TV. Anyway, after my computer hard drive died and my sweet husband got it back up and running, I decided to make him a Tardis case. The flap and loop were a little challenging but I made it work.  He truly loves his new iPad Mini Case .

Pocket Skirt in Carolina Chambray

Yesterday, was beautiful and for the first time this summer it was sunny, no rain! I enjoy sewing the most when the sunlight is streaming through the windows . I kick off my shoes and sew barefooted in a t-shirt and jeans. That is my favorite kind of day. Of course with my sidekick, COFFEE .  I whipped up this beautiful pocket skirt. It is made from Robert Kaufman's Carolina Chambray in Black. I love the texture and color of the fabric. It looks perfect with the black handles on the Thirty One skirt purse.  I also spoiled myself and bought the 3 letter  circular monogram. I love to embroider and make each piece special. I know I will get a lot of use from the 3 letter circular monogram. I can see making everyone monogramed presents this Christmas. If you want to make your own Thirty One Pocket Skirt in Chambray with Monogramed letters here is everything I used. Thirty One Pocket Skirt ePattern Thin Circle 3 Letter Monogram Carolina Chambray in Black If you want t

Judy Moody Embroidery

Today I learned how to make images into embroidery designs with Stitch Era . At my house we love to read and one of our favorites is Judy Moody, anything Judy Moody. Of course an embroidery design would be awesome! My girls and I are also putting a quilt together. When I asked them what we should do with the test swatch, my oldest said, "make it a quilt block" and that is what we did. I started with an easy one color design of Judy Moody. I had it from making the "Give your library bag character" post . I took it into Stitch Era , made it a vector image and the intelligent program wrote the embroidery file for me. Love That! A vector image is actually a mathematical formula, no matter how large or small the image is the resolution stays the same.  The embroidery software needs a vector image to create the embroidery stitches for your machine.   It actually turned out really well! This was just from a book image! That is amazing right! Ok, I am going t

You Can Make This!

Have you joined the Free Pattern Club at You Can Make This ? I have. I love how you can sample a pattern from a designer to see if their style of writing is easy to understand. Then you can buy other patterns from that designer if you like their work. I have submitted my cute Pouch Cube tutorial and it is being featured this week. Here are some of the other free tutorial available at YCMT. Brooklyn Frock (Looks like the Village Frock right;) Fabric Bow Holder Their sister site, Swak embroidery has free embroidery designs! This one is FREE! I use this basting square non stop. Most machines have this but my basic machine did not. Happy Sewing!

Embroidery Dream Machine

I woke up this morning thinking about the specs I would like my new embroidery machine to have. Color LCD screen Large hoop sizes Easy to use software Later as I was reading the news on my iPad, I realized the machine I want to buy has not been invented yet. Why not incorporate the iPad into the sew/ embroidery machine!!! I looked it up to see if anyone else had this brain wave and yes, someone had. I know this picture below is from an April Fools post but I love this idea!!! I know I am not alone. They should make these now with the small iPad in the 7" size. It would be perfect!!!! An app could be created to help with sewing projects, ePatterns or embroidery designs! If anyone is making these iPad sewing machines and the company needs a seamstress representative to show it off, I gladly volunteer! Please hire me! Would you buy one? I know I would.

Introducing the Kenna Tote Available Soon

This is a new Sew Spoiled Kenna Tote ePattern available August 2013! I love the tall exterior pockets on either side of the tote, as well as the storage space inside for all of your things. The exterior is made from Duck Canvas and the interior is a fun flowery print I found at Joann's . In the pattern you will learn how to create a zipper pocket and a slip pocket. I was told by my niece, this size it perfect for school. At her school each student receives an iPad to study with, so she doesn't need a backpack. She needs just a tote for her iPad and writing supplies.  I am also working on making a few college themed totes. You can find canvas in any color so it would be easy to make team totes for local schools. Team fabric is fun to line the interior of the Kenna tote. This fall I am sure to sport an alumni Tote from East Carolina University, Go Pirates!