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Band Fleece Jacket

I am a music teacher and I love it when my two loves; music and sewing combine. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it is wonderful! Earlier this school year I designed our band logo. We had t-shirts made for all of the kids and we even played a pep rally all wearing our band shirts. I let the band kids choose what color the t-shirt would be and they chose gray. Since fall is finally here and the weather has turned cold. I wanted a fleece jacket with our logo on it. Also, last year when I attended All-District and All-State all of the other directors had band apparel on. Our band program is only 2 years old and it is growing very fast! The kids love working hard and accomplishing great things together. We are a charter school and I do get asked a lot of questions about working at a charter school. Our school is a non-profit public school. It is also funded just like any other public school with taxpayer money. I am paid the same way through the state and my benefit

Bridesmaids Cosmestic Bags

I used the Sew Spoiled Cosmetic Bag  pattern for these cuties! Adding the wedding date and embroidery inside made these simple bags extra special. The bride picked out these gorgeous fabrics in her wedding party colors. The wedding was beautiful, I love how the fall colors were used for their October wedding. I hope they love this bags and enjoy remembering the special occasion when they read the date inside the bag. The bride loved them so much I made her one too and inside I wrote Wifey. I want to show you this extra tip. If you have enough room on your embroidery hoop, you can embroider two or more designs at the same time using the same stabilizer. Here is another way to use this technique. Below I embroidered three key fobs at once on my 5"X7" hoop. I will definitely create more of these  Cosmetic Bags  as gifts. Embroidering inside the bag a message is a wonderful idea for any gift. Best wishes and tons of Stitches!