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Happy Halloween Giveaway 2011!

Happy Halloween! This giveaway is for 6 fat quarters of Amy Butler’s newest collection called Lark. The winner will receive one fat quarter of each of these prints… Sun Glow in Jade Ivy Bloom in Cinder Floral Couture in Pitch Sparkle in Pitch Souvenir in Lemon River Shine in Charcoal. Giveaway Rules! +Our Giveaway will run October 31- November 3, 2011,  with the winner being announced November 4, 2011! +The winner will be selected by +The Amy Butler, Lark bundle of 6 fat quarters will be mailed to the winner by November 5, 2011. + To enter to win post a comment on this blog post! +Only one comment please per person. +This giveaway is open to everyone. +Leave your EMAIL ADDRESS, you can leave it as: leah(dot)sewspoiled(at)gamil(dot)com +This giveaway ends November 3, 2011 at 8PM Eastern Standard Time. November’s blog theme is Semi- Handmade! Thanks!

How to make a Kids Cabrio Tote

Recently, I had a Sew Spoiled seamstress ask how to make a kid version of the Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote . Here is my first attempt, made with just a few minor changes to the Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote ePattern . If you own the pattern you can use it to make these adorable totes! These two totes are for a 9 year old and a 5 year old. First, gather your supplies and then cut out the following… Cut 2 Tops (same using template) Cut 2 Bottom (same using template) Cut 2 rectangles measuring 9”X18” Cut 2 straps 28” for small child, 30” for medium and 32” for older child X 4” wide Cut 2 Loops 4”X 5.5” (smaller) Cut 2 pockets the same size Cut 2 Lining templates, use the temple in the Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Pattern and cut off 3.5” from the bottom. Sew these pieces together as if you were sewing an adult size tote. Follow the directions in the pattern . When you are sewing the pockets, place the pockets 3” from the bottom of the lining. If you give this a tr

Inspiration #5, To Make

Button and Frills Skirt from Yogini Sreetwear waratah karloo | BlueCaravan - Handmade This first picture is completely inspirational. I have not found a pattern for it however I would love to try it out just for fun. Vintage Revivals: Sewing Room Scraps Bedding Me Sew Crazy: The Bustle Backpack from Chloe's Spring Collection!

New iPad2 Case from Cork

I just wanted to share a sewing project with you. I recently made myself a new Sew Spoiled iPad2 folding case . It is made from cork fabric or cork leather. The cork is soft like leather and sturdy! It is probably buoyant but let’s not test that out. :) I also tested out clear elastic. I have been very skeptical about using clear elastic. It looks as if it would tear after sewing it to the case. However my kids and I have been using my case for over a week and the elastic has held up beautifully. I really like the look with the white face of the iPad2. I will let you know otherwise if something happens. There is something new in this picture but I am going share more details later. I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Inspiration #4; ePatterns

First, on your computer you can organize your epatterns into folders. I have found this extremely helpful in finding what I want to make! Second, epatterns can be placed on your smart phone or tablet (iPad) as a PDF. In this picture I have used the iBooks app. Finally, I can upload my epatterns to Google Docs. and have them available to me wherever there is a computer. This is called cloud computing. I love technology!

Inspiration #3: Patterns

Gabriel's Good Tidings: How I Organize My Patterns and Sewing Ideas This looks like a great idea for those small accessory sewing patterns.

Inspiration #2: Hang Your Fabric

I love finding new ways to store fabric and supplies. This month I will show you inspiring ways to organize your space no matter how large or small. Truly I store most of my fabric stash in bins under the daybed in my sewing space but it keeps growing so I am in need of some other ideas. Here are a few inspiring ideas I have found. Hang up using pant hangers. Sewing Room | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I have seen this dome also with the large pant hangers for multiple pants. elsie's girl: I'm just a left-brained girl at heart This is cute and a cheap way to keep scraps off of the floor. How To Organize Fabric | The Mother Huddle File your fabric. Wow, this looks professional!

Silhouette Spelling Fun!!

My daughter has to study spelling each night. We try to make it fun for her by giving her different ways to spell the same words all week. Here is a neat idea we shared together. First type the spelling words into the Silhouette program. Second, hook up your computer to your Silhouette and cut out all of the letters. Now at this stage it looks like alphabet soup! Mix up the letters and have your student turn them right side facing up! Finally, call the spelling words out and with a glue stick paste the words together. We had so much fun that little sister wanted to spell too. This is great for your little ones who are learning how to spell their names. After you make all of your words or your name you can hang up your art work!

Inspiration #1 Fabric Shelving

This is color coordinated, fabric shelving system by DeNiece’s Designs. I love that the organizers stand up by themselves like books on a shelf. Fabric Organizers by DeNiece's Designs Picture from Girl. Inspired . blog.

September 2011 Giveaway Winner!

Our winner is number... Who said... Thank you for stopping by and saying hi!