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Oatmeal Pullover Pattern Review

I learned how to knit March of this year and I started with the Antrorse Sweater. It was probably not the smartest first knitting project but I enjoyed it. This time I decided to make another sweater but easier pattern. I am using the Oatmeal Pullover pattern by Jane Richmond . I really couldn't be happier! It calls for Lion's Easy Chunky Yarn, I was able to find all the supplies at our local Michael's store. Also because I used the magic loop technique on the collar and sleeves I basically was able to knit with the same needles the whole time. That might be the wrong thing to do but it worked for me.  This is the collar. It is a raglan sweater so there are 4 markers placed around the sweater to increase at in the beginning.  Then you separate the sleeves and knit forever straight down! I love the color, it is perfect for fall. I think it will be cold in the Carolinas this year so I am looking forward to wearing my beautiful sweater through the long winter.

New Music Room!

I took a new music job and it has been such a great adventure so far! Before I got there the school had only had part time music teachers and no music room. I have tried to create an awesome music space for our students. ( I apologize for not writing recently but the time I spent working on this room was well spent.) I have made curtains, spray painted iron music notes, found music books and instruments all over the school and bought blue carpet!  Yes, Blue!  My dad and step mom donated three of these great big iron music staves. I spray painted them blue and put them on the back wall with commander hooks.  The curtains look red in the sunlight. They also help with making the room dark enough to project on the board. The blue carpet I found at Ollies for a good price! I had to buy two 6'X9' rugs to cover the floor. The kids love their new space and I hope we share wonderful memories in this new space!