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Gathered Pockets Tutorial: Cabrio Tote Sew Along!

If you can’t find fold over elastic there are 2 other ways to get the same effect! Here is a quick tutorial on two different ways to gather pockets! Pocket A: First fold the 7”X 14” pocket fabric in half to find the center. Draw a chalk line 1/2” below the center line. Set up your machine for shirring and shirr the fabric across the chalk line. It should start to pucker up and the gather as you sew across the pocket. OR Pocket B: Fold the fold the 7”X 14” pocket fabric in half to find the center. Draw a chalk line 1/2” below the center line on the back of the pocket fabric. Place one piece of 1/4” wide elastic measuring 10” along the chalk line. Set your sewing machine to a wide, open zig zag stitch. While you stretch the elastic zig zag stitch in a straight line. Pin your pocket right sides together! The 1/4” elastic is on the left side and the elastic thread technique is on the right side. Sew down the two sides, tack stitching the elastic at the top of the pockets. Turn right side o

February Giveaway with Dear My Kids Easy Wear!

February’s Giveaway is being sponsored by Dear My Kids Easy Wear ! Karen, from DMK, makes wonderful e-patterns for children in her Etsy shop . You will find patterns for jackets, shirts, pants, hoodies and more! One of my favorite designs in her shop is this Peter Pan collared, double breasted coat . It was very easy to put together and the instructions in the pattern were extremely clear. The February giveaway will have 4 lucky winners. Each receiving one Dear My Kids e-pattern of you choice. The giveaway will run through midnight on February 28, 2011 with the winner being announced on March 1, 2011. The winner will be chosen using . We will send it through email March 2, 2011! What do you have to do to enter to win? Post a comment about what inspires you to sew? Is it a pattern, fabric or nature. Maybe a special someone gives you a reason to sew. Only one post per person and please remember to leave an email address so we can contact you if you win. For the first day of t


My family and I have been so sick! That is why I have not made any new posts. It started with my husband, then the little ones and then I got it last. What seems like a common cold, runny noses, a cough, head ache, sinus pressure, then turned into a high fever, aches, chills! I had seen and witnessed it at school as a teacher. It swept through class rooms like a tornado taking half the class out at a time. When my daughter got it we caught it quickly and she receive tamiflu. My husband and I took turns staying home with her. Finally, she was back at school in 4 days and we though everyone was fine, until the flu symptoms started to show up with me. I went to the doctor early thinking it would be as easy for me as my daughter. I was testing for flu but the test was negative. So I took the day off and tried to rest. I went back to work for 2 more days but the symptoms were getting worse! At one point I blacked out. My husband carried me back to the doctor and the doctor said that it wa

Cabrio Tote Sew Along; Photos Prizes!

Don't forget to add your wonderful pictures to the  Flickr: Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Sew Along . Not only is it fun to see what everyone is making but now you could also win a fun prize. Five Sew Spoiled epatterns will be awarded March 8, 2011 to the winner in each of these catagories...
 1. Most Inspiring, 
2. Craziest Camera Angle,
 3. Loveliest Light,
 4. Bag Making Magic,
 5. "Oops, I meant to do That?".
 Continue to cut, sew and have a little fun behind the camera or in front. It is totally up to you. Just make sure you submit your photos here . 
Can't wait to see your pictures! I am hoping that some pictures and inspiration will get us excited about this weeks steps to complete for our new Cabrio Totes. We will start sewing the straps and outer shell panels this week. Here is the rest of our schedule... Straps and Outer Shell Panel gathered (Step 3-6) -- - Feb. 9- Feb. 15 Finish outer shell and make pockets (Step 7-8) - - - - - Feb. 16- Feb. 22

Cabrio Tote Sew Along Update Closed

Wow! Now we have 20 members in the Sew Along. I love this stage of the sew along. Everyone is making a plan to carry through. You have to start visualizing what the bag will look like finished. Where to place all of the prints you have gathered. Thank you for sharing your photos at Flickr: Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote Sew Along . We are starting the cutting stage this week. Now that we have gathered our fabrics the sew along will start to move faster. Please remember to post pictures of your progress. I adore pink and green together. She has a wonderful plan. “ The top green fabric will be the lower part of the outer shell. The pink will be the upper band on the outer shell. The next green will be for pockets. Finally, the cream and pink will be the interior.” Twiness Design I can’t wait to see more! “The brown is a corduroy for the top panel, bottom and straps, the flora is Lori Siebert’s, “Beauty in Nature" will be the main body and the orange and white for the lining. I eliminated

January Giveaway Winner!

Thank you for posting so many wonderful ideas for making Valentine’s Day special! I enjoyed reading everyones comments and find out what handmade projects you are making. Now you have inspired me to get crafty and make patchwork heart pillows for my daughters this season. Here is the random number.... Lynne if you will send me your email address to I will send it to El from Tantalizing Stitches so you can receive your $25 Gift Certificate. Thank you Tantalizing Stitches for being our first Sew Spoiled Sponsor for 2011! (I need to stop by and buy some more key fob hardware and swivel hooks.) We really appreciate your generosity! Best Wishes!