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Antrorse Sweater Finished!

5 Skeins After taking this picture, I realized I have to make the other sleeve the same exact way. Aaaahh! I love the color of the yarn. It is Bird's Egg, Osprey by Quince and Co .. I used a pair of size 10, 32" circular bamboo needles to make the entire sweater. For the sleeves I used the magic loop technique to create the small sleeve circumference. The size is 34 but it is a little big.   All 6 skeins. I love my new sweater and I think I will definitely make more knitted things. Perhaps sweaters for the girls or a shawl for me. Over all this was a perfect sweater for a beginner, like myself, to make. It is seamless, which means you can continuously knit the main bodice of the sweater from top to bottom. It also means you wouldn't have to stitch two or more parts together. Even the sleeves were fairly easy to create. Of course now that I know how to make this sweater, I want to try this one again because I know all of the steps. It is spring here, what are

Antrorse Sweater Update

This was my Sunday. Just a lazy day on the couch with my knitting draped across my lap. It has still been very cold outside, which I don't mind because I am trying to finish my sweater in time to wear it at least once. My sweater is not perfect, it is very rustic and from far away looks like the Antrorse Sweater pictures on the pattern. I love it anyway because it is my first knitting project that I am determine to finish. I have learned so much along the way.  One Skein   Two Skeins Three Skeins Four Skeins Now I have to learn about making sleeves. The magic loop method sounds interesting and I think I am going to investigate it first. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I just bought these wooden buttons for the top! Can't wait to finish it!

Arm Knitting

I learned how to arm knit!! It really is a simple way to make a scarf in about 30 minutes. Here is the tutorial  by Simply Maggie. I use chunky yarn so it would be a thick scarf.  Hope you give it a try too.

Semi- Homemade Play Costume

This month we have the Bugs play at school and of course we needed to find a costume. The instructions said no wire wings so I started to look for butterfly fabric. At one point I shopped online at Spoonflower . Then one day as we were shopping in the toy section and looking around I saw it, a Kite!! The fabric was perfect and the width was long enough. I took it home cut the wings off and sewed the wings to the arms and sides of her black shirt. Now we have an easy costume that only cost about $10. Happy Sewing!

Learning to Knit!

If you have been following the winter weather system you know that the south east has been hit by snow storm, after snow storm. Which in my little bubble means snow days. During these snow days we make soup and enjoy cocoa and cookies but I decided I wanted to learn something new. Try to make these snow days useful. So I started to learn how to knit.  First, I did not have knitting needles, I use chop sticks and yarn I had on hand. I had to learn how to cast on, the knit stitch and purl stitch. I didn't know that the patterns of these two stitches creates different designs and beautiful texture to your knitted fabric. It makes sense to learn how to knit if you sew because we deal with fabrics all of the time.  Then I saw this on Ravelry . Ravelry is a free site for knitters and crocheters. This is also a great place to get inspiration, patterns and meet people. This sweater is called the Antrorse Sweater by Shannon Cook. It is available as a PDF pattern or in her new b