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June Giveaway: Ladybug Apron ePattern!

A Sew Spoiled customer asked if I would design a Ladybug Apron after she had purchased the Ladybug Shoulder Bag. I was so excited about the project, I started to draw out designs seconds after her email. This was my favorite sketch and design. I hope you like it  Suzanna!  Thank you for your email! Now it is time for a giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive the New Ladybug Convertible Apron ePattern before it is available in stores! The Ladybug Convertible Apron ePattern will be available July 4, 2010 for sale in my Etsy shop! The convertible apron means you can choose to wear it as a  full or half apron.  The giveaway  will run through midnight on June 30, 2010 with the winner being announced on July 1, 2010. The winner will be chosen using We will send it through email by July 2, 2010! All friends are welcome! What do you have to do to enter to win??  Just post a comment about a pattern idea you would like to see made. Something you want to make but you do not

Sew Spoiled: Sleep-In-Late Pillowcase Tutorial

This pillowcase was super easy to make, so easy that I let my daughters create their own and choose cute  embroidery designs to make it personalized for them. We had movie night and they lounged all over them and fell asleep. This pillowcase however gets it's name because of the next morning. My sweet daughters slept in! They never sleep in, 6:30AM and they bounce into my room and poke me until I wake up but not this morning! :) I am proud to say they slept in to 8:30AM!  So how do you make the Sleep-In-Late Pillowcase?  Here is how! Materials: white cotton fabric- 44"wX22"h Fab fabric- half a yard 18" X 44" Step 1: Cut out these pieces. Embroider or applique them if you want to make them personalized. Step 2: Sew the fab fabric right sides together along the 18" side.  Step 3: Fold in half right side out, now it will measure 9"X 21", iron. (I am using zebra trim just for fun.) Step 4: Fold the white fabric in half right sides together and

Crazy Cake!

This summer my girls and I are trying to find fun new things to do together. Yesterday, we made Crazy Cake! This recipe comes from an old children book that I kept from my childhood, "My Things to Do" Book. My grandmother, I call her "Momagrandma",  gave me this book when I was 7-ish.  I loved this book so much that when the book cover fell off I made my own cover. Somehow I lost the first 12 pages:). Anyway, here is the recipe you will probably have everything you need in your cabinets. No eggs are added so it is ok to taste it before baking and everything goes into one pan (for easy clean up). Crazy Cake! (from Lela Priestly, My Things To Do Book ) Directly into an 8" square cake pan Sift 1 1/2 cups flour 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoon coca 1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt Make 3 holes in these dry ingredients. Into one pour 1 teaspoon vanilla.  Into another pour 6 tablespoons cooking oil. Into the third pour 1 tablespoon vinegar. (Crazy I know!) Pour

Make It, Wear It!

I made this new Shirt for myself!  It was not going to be a shirt at all. Originally, it was a dress but I did not like the length and the print was over the top as a dress. I talked myself out of it . Anyway, I was asked, "Where did I get the pattern?" It is truly a Sew Spoiled Twist on the Sew Liberated School House Tunic without sleeves and with pockets on the side seams.  I added a pink tie but I cut that off too because it looked like an ascot. Not the look I was going for.  Sewn down it looks great as a collar. I added it to Sew Mama Sew's flickr group, Make it, Wear it!  I love the photo pool filled with beautiful one of a kind women's clothing. I have spent many an hour drooling on my computer looking at all of the fabulous clothes handmade by women all around the world! Make it, Wear it! ~Leah

Covered Button Bracelet!

If you want a fun way to wear your favorite fabrics all the time! Here is another great project, the Cover Button Bracelet! You can purchase everything you need at Every Thing Ribbon Etsy shop .  There is no sewing involved, just bring your craftiness to the table and have fun. You will need a Loop Bracelet with 11 blank glue-able pads. Fun fabrics, 11- 1/2"cover buttons with flat backs, the  button cover tool (mold and pusher) and glue. 1.) Make the fabric covered buttons. 2.) Glue the 1/2" covered buttons to the bracelet. 3.) Wear your new bracelet! Happy Crafting!

SwimSuit Project and Tutorial Finds

Last week my daughter had "Fun in the Sun" Day with her class. The only problem was, I hadn't found her a swimsuit that fit yet and the one from last season was too small length wise. She also told me, she would have to wear it all day! Her one piece had criss cross straps in the back and she would have to undress every time she had to go to the bathroom. (Mommies think like this.) So I decided to cut the one piece in half! This project was a little scary for me, since I am use to using cotton, not lycra.  There are two rules to remember when sewing lycra. Rule #1 You can not iron it.  Rule #2 It works best if you serge or zigzag stitch the raw edges, before folding it over to finish an edge.  After cutting the one piece swimsuit in half. I looked at and said, "What have I done!" Then realizing there is no turning back now, I went for it! It had to work! I am showing you a picture of what I did next with the bottom piece. I rolled it over like you

Eye Pillow Tutorial

I recently stumbled upon this Eye Pillow Tutorial ! I made one for my mother and she loves it! This is how easy it is to make for yourself. 1.) Fist print the Eye Pillow template and trace around the shape. 2.) Then sew around the eye pillow, leaving an opening at the top. 3.) Trim around the eye pillow shape.  4.) Flip the eye pillow right side out and fill it with spilt peas, flax, or rice using a funnel.  5.) Then add lavender or another herb that smells wonderful! Make sure that you do not over fill the pillow. Hand sew the opening at the top.  Ta Da! You have an eye pillow that you can heat in the microwave for 45 seconds and drape over your eyes (or neck) and relax!!!! All of your worries and headache will fade away!  Happy Sewing! ~Leah


I found a few giveaways going on! I am so excited I love winning free stuff. I thought you might want to check it out!  First, Megann from Boutique NutMeg Designs is giving away Sandi Henderson's New Book Sewing Bits and Pieces !!  Second, FromAnigloo  is hosting a giveaway to win a Dear My Kids epattern !  Third, Vinyl Monogram Decals at Baby Bunkins Fourth, Prudent Baby is giving away  Make it Perfect About a Boy, Cap and Satchel Sewing Pattern and fabric too! Well, I think these look fun to win! Good Luck! Happy Posting! ~Leah

Tightly Spooled Book Cover Tutorial!

Book covers Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I am getting ready for some summer reading. I love to go to the pool and read! Or just read anywhere! Wherever you are, you will want to make a few Tightly Spooled Book Covers ! These also make great summer gifts for your favorite teacher or friend! The great thing about Natalie Jost's tutorial is that you can customize the pattern to fit any book you want to read and make a bookmark to keep your place. After making one, I made the second about 30 minutes! You will want to bookmark her site! Happy Sewing! ~Leah

Weekender Tote Sew along: Finishing Touches!

I have really enjoyed the Sew along! I hope that you have too! We are finishing our Tote this week, sewing the outer shell and lining together! Everyone is finishing and adding their pictures to the Flickr group. I would love to post everyones finished Weekender Totes together so I am waiting a little bit. If you can't wait go to Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote Project flickr group and take a peak at these amazing bags!! If you missed this Sew Along and you would like to try making a Weekender Tote, I am thinking about hosting another Sew Along and posting some video clips as well. I am super excited about using video with my patterns! This summer I am working on 3 new patterns the music lover, a ladybug style apron and one more! With school finishing, up I have big plans for my sewing room (painting, organizing, and stylizing).  Make sure you check below to see for you were a Sew Spoiled epattern winner! If you did not win for the month of May, then check back for the June Giveaway! T

Sew Spoiled ePattern May Giveaway Winners!!

These are the five winners for the May Sew Spoiled epattern Giveaway! Please email me at and let me know which epattern you would like. Thank you for posting everyone! Carole  said... I see a little of all of those in me. Perfectionist that wants it to be done like a miser and do it as fast as possible!   Melissa  said... It depends on what I am making and for whom. I am very much a perfectionist. I become speed demon if I have to make more than one and I am an artist if it involves painting in the project. Not sure if that exactly answers it. ;) Fun contest!   eatmoresmores  said... Probably a speed demon with some miser in me. I've paid too much for fabric that I "just had to have." But usually I wait for sales. Alice   The Tiny Homestead  said... Embarrassingly, I'm a miser and also a bit of a speed demon. Kristi  said... I am an artist crafter.