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Doodle Bag Tutorial

Find out how to make Doodle bags for all of your fun filled events with kids and adults! The Doodle bag is the perfect party gift for birthdays, sleepovers, bridal and baby showers, and more. All you have to have is a working computer and ink jet printer!!! We used printable fabric, printed out your favorite coloring sheet and made it into a bag!! The pattern has suggestions as to where to find the printable fabric and how to use this pattern. The Doodle Bag gives anyone the ability to create their own bag just the way they want it. If you use fabric markers you will have a treasure forever. Happy Doodling!!!

Mommy Ladybug

Mommy Ladybug Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Sew, This is my new project that is on the table. However I have a dilemma I bent some sewing rules making this wonderful bag. Here is my problem do I write the tutorial with the bent rules Or redo the bag in a more traditional way??? What do you think? The bending of the rules happened in the binding area :)

Little Artist Drawing Case from Craft Apple

Little Artist Drawing Case front Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This Pattern is a wonderful pattern by Craft Apple !! This was my first attempt, the instructions were so well written and easy to follow that I was able to comp lete it in 1 hour!! The Little Artist Case would make a great gifts for anyone who enjoys drawing. I hope you get a chance to try it.

Great Skirt Tutorial!!

New Skirt!! Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is an easy project!!! I would recommend it to any one!! Plus the instructions are easy to follow and free at My Aim Is True . I only used 1/2 yd. of Joel Dewberry's Ironwork and a 1/4 yd. of his modern petal/ forest and elastic. For less than $10 I have a new fab skirt with designer fabric!! Go try it out and if you have made one stop and tell me how you liked it or disliked it. :):)

Sew Spoiled Ladybug inTina Givens fabric

Sew Spoiled Ladybug inTina Givens fabric Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Just wanted to share another great way to use the Ladybug eBook. Instead of using linen, I used another print that complimented the accent print. These fabrics are from Tina Givens "Evening Light" fabric collection. Sew Love Fabrics carries the collection at etsy. I love Ruth's shop!! It was Ruth's idea to use the Ladybug print by Tina Givens. I love this look of country chic! Another good use for the ladybug, mini purse would be for pacifiers. It is the perfect size to zip and store 2 or more pacifiers at a time. Attach the ladybug to your diaper bag and you have easy access! Remember you can find these patterns from Sew Spoiled at Etsy. Have fun sewing!!

Sew Spoiled is now at

You can now find Sew Spoiled eBooks also at You Can Make This ! The Sew Spoiled Wristlet is now available and the Gadget Pouch and Versatile Bag patterns will be available soon! Have fun creating!!

New Ladybug Tutorial

New Ladybug Tutorial Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled It is available at !!! Are you a woman always on the go??? Then you need a Ladybug!! This pouch carries all of your essentials on your hip. Put your cell phone, keys, cards and MP3 player all by your side in your Ladybug. The Ladybug has a 3" zipper closure on top and a short 4" swivel hook strap to attach onto a belt, belt loop, or bag. The Sew Spoiled Ladybug ebook pattern is now available!!! This is a detailed pattern with over 38 color photos!!! Every step of the way you not only have detailed instructions but a crystal clear photo. The finished Ladybug size is 6” wide X 5” tall, the zipper opening is 3” wide and the strap is 4” long.

Strawberry quart caplet from Kathleen Thanks

Strawberry quart caplet from Kathleen Thanks Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Thank you so much!! We received the Strawberry Caplet that we won from Kathleen at Grosgrain Fabulous . We love it and it fits too. You are so sweet. If you have not visited Grosgrain Fabulous , then go right now and check it out!!! It is so inspiring!!! Thank you again!!!

June Swap backpack received from Alice

June Swap backpack received Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled My daughter received this in the mail from Alice Sews on Flickr. Alice and I belong to the Bag Ladies Swap group and she had my name this month. We normally swap with each other but this time was different we swapped a child's bag to one another and you are suppose to give the bag to a child. My 4 year old thought it was Great to have so much to open from Alice in the mail!!! She received a cute, pink backpack, 3 dolls(in which her sister loved), Douglass the Duck, a lollipop, a wonderful card and (as if that was not enough) a Bead set!! Alice if you are reading this thank you so much!!! You really made my little girls day!

The Ladybug, Tutorial available soon!

This is on my drawing board. It has been locked up in my brain for some time now and finally I was able to make it today!! I will start on the tutorial for my etsy shop soon. It is called the Ladybug. You can carry a cell phone, lipstick, and cards inside it and still have a little more room. If you have a pattern idea for a purpose in your life let me know. I would love the challenge:)

I WON, I WON!!!!

I found a great blog, Grosgain Fabulous , it is by Kathleen Dougherty . I posted a comment about this cute strawberry caplet Kathleen was giving away and WON!! This is the first time I have won anything!!! I am so excited. I showed my little ones and they are so excited too. I hope you get a chance to visit her blog because it is truly inspiring!!! Happy blogging everyone!

Making Memories

Sew Spoiled Patchwork E side Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Being at the beach I thought I could use a wristlet to carry all of my small belongings. My daughters helped out too. We traced there hands on Heat n Bond Lite and ironed on the Heat n Bond Lite to their choice of fabric. Then I cut it out and stitched around the hand fabric onto the linen seen in the photo. We wanted more color so my girls helped me pick out the other patchwork pieces. The entire straight sewing my oldest daughter helped with. She even helped with the embroidery with the color of string and where to put it. She liked to watch the machine "draw". I love my wristlet and the memories we made making it. I hope that my girls will grow up enjoying sewing as much as I do.