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I love my Mobby!!

Ladybug bag held Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled What is a mobby?? It is when you make money with your hobby! I love designing!! It is so much fun to sketch out designs and a few weeks later see that sketch in 3D!!! I came across some of my first drawings, brainstorming really, and I have learned a lot a long the way! Do you have a mobby? What is it? Doesn't everyone want to do what they love for a living?? Create what you love, and love what you create. Chances are, others will love what you create too:)

Ladybug Shoulder Bag Ebook available at Etsy!!!

Ladybug Shoulder Bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled The Sew Spoiled Ladybug Shoulder bag ebook pattern is now available!!! This is a detailed pattern with over 47 color photos!!! Every step of the way you receive detailed instructions and crystal clear photos. The finished Ladybug shoulder bag size is 16” wide X 12” tall with a approximately 20" strap. The beautiful pleat is on both sides of the bag! All you need to get started is... Material List: Fabric A: .5 yard, main outer shell panels Fabric B .5 yard, center outer shell panel and binding (for directional prints one yard is best) Fabric C: .5 yard, lining Light weight Interfacing, Pellon craft fuse 808, is recommended. (No interfacing is needed with home d├ęcor fabrics.) Heat n Bond Lite, iron on adhesive, sewable Magnet Clasp for the closure. One piece of 2”X2” heavy weight interfacing for magnet clasp installation I hope you give this fun pattern a try. It is very easy to make and fun to show off to all of your frie

Sew Spoiled's Laptop Sleeves!!

Laptop sleeve in red and black Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This was so simple to make that I will definitely write this as a tutorial soon!!! I know that everyone has a different size laptops so I will write it for 3 sizes (14", 15" and 17") The Sew Spoiled Laptop sleeve has a zipper closure and is extremely padded for extra tech. support! I wanted to write a laptop bag design to go with it too however there are so many great messenger bag designs that would compliment this that I might draw that up later. Just name a few, Amy Butler's and Sew Liberated's messenger designs would look great with these Sew Spoiled laptop sleeves. Also on the side bar you might want to check out the Free gusset messenger bag tutorial:) So stay tuned to Sew Spoiled for this pattern and more!

Zippers are Fun!!!

Park Slope! Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I recently had a customer ask some great questions about applying the zipper in her Sew Spoiled patterns. Sometimes zippers can be a challenge but if you try some of these tips you might see that Zippers are fun!!! Tip #1: Do you feel like you are pulling the fabric through?? Does the fabric move to freely and you can't sew in a straight line? In order for the feed dogs to grab the fabric it needs to be held down by the zipper foot. To give the zipper foot more stability move the needle closer to the zipper foot. You will find that the fabric moves in a straight line instead of all over the place and you will be able to sew in a straight line again:) Tip#2 If you get frustrated:) take a break and come back to it. (I usually eat ice cream at this point;) When you come back later to the project take your seam ripper and erase the mistake away. If the zipper is still good try again. Practice makes perfect! Tip#3 Take it slowly. Enjoy your

Fabric Flower from Boutique Nutmeg Designs

Fabric Flower from Boutique Nutmeg Designs Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This was an easy pattern from Boutique Nutmeg Designs !! Meg has fun pictures and suggestions on how to use these flowers! It made me realize that I need to put the rotary cutter down and pick up my scissors every once in awhile. I hope you give it a try. It will brighten up your day:)

Fun House Projects/ Basket tutorial!

Living room Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I have started sewing for my house!! Finally I have made some time for it. This is my latest creation. I got the fabric for the pillows and the fabric covered baskets from my Fabric Fairy! My Aunt bought the fabric as a slip cover for her couch, on sale of course. She said that it did not work, so she gave it to me:) It is Weaverly heavy weight fabric!! I cut the piping that the slip cover had out so I could reuse it on the pillows. Then I used Creative Little Daisy's tutorial on piping pillows . Autum's tutorials are always filled with wonderful pictures and easy instructions. Finally, I covered the baskets. Baskets Tutorial :) I measured the height of the baskets and added 1.5" for hem and seam allowance. Then measured the width, outside of the basket around the top and added 1" for seam allowance. I cut this rectangle out and laid is aside. For the bottom of the basket I measured the length the width and added 1&q