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Stocking Tutorial Collection

Sew Spoiled Stocking List 2010 1.  Fabric Worm Stocking Tutorial 2. Small Stockings for Gifts 3. Vanilla Joy Tutorial Also you can learn how to embroider your store bought stockings here .

November 2012 Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway This Month's Giveaway is for a   Sew Spoiled 4 epattern bundle package ! I t will run through midnight on November 30, 2012 with the winners being announced on December 1, 2012. We will send all four ePatterns through email  December 3, 2012! All friends are welcome! What do you have to do to enter to win?? Follow the directions above. ~Best Wishes!

Christmas Doll Advent Calendar

Our family has a holiday tradition of using an advent calendar to celebrate Christmas. It is typically candy but this year I thought we would try something different. I love making dolls and toys for my girls. Especially during this time of year, but it gets so hectic that we usually end up making them quickly and the project becomes stressful. So this is my plan for a wonderful experience, all the while building anticipation for their special handmade Christmas dolls. 1. First you will need a great, easy to follow, toy sewing pattern.  These are some of my favorites.... Bit of Whimsy Dolls MMM Crafts Wee Wonderfuls My girls and I will be making the Beth Doll and the Baby Mermaid . 2. Read through the sewing pattern carefully and make a sewing plan.   This is what I came up with, you are more than welcome to use it. My girls like to pick out their own fabrics, so I might have to adjust it as we move through the advent calendar. Dec1 Receive bag #1 with doll

Boot Cuff Tutorial

I hope all of you are enjoying your wonderful families and friends especially this week, it being Thanksgiving week. I wanted to share this tutorial with you because it is getting closer to Christmas and this is the fastest handmade gift you will ever make. While everyone else is shopping at the large department stores on black Friday, you can be making these in the comfort of your home, in front of a warm fire. ( eating chocolate cookies and sipping on Hot Coco ).  On Pinterest, I've noticed the hottest fashion trend is boots! Boots are everywhere!!! And with boots, there are accessories. I adore accessories! Being a child of the 80's leg warmers seemed like the perfect fit. I am not alone , I loved leg warmers! Ok, I said it and I have been waiting very patiently for them to come back in style. Guess What? They have!!! This boot cuff tutorial will show you how to make short boot cuffs but you can make them as long as you like. :)  Materials: 5.5" Loom (

Semi-Handmade Holiday

Teacher Gifts! I always start with teacher gifts because they are usually the first to receive gifts, since school is out during the holiday season. This year I decided to make each teacher a purse organizer filled with goodies. I finished the organizers last weekend so I could start collecting fun things to stash inside. You could use this same idea with handmade stockings. Here is a list of fun ideas... Tissues Gum Lip Baum  Nail Kit Nail Polish Pens Sharpies Note Pad Lotion Candy $5 Gift Card Key Fob Brooch Gloves Travel Mirror Glasses cleaning cloth Mini Flashlight. I am planning to check out the Dollar Store and 5 Below. Back to making and sewing!

Dress Rescue!

Dress From Forever 21 This was a friend's dress, she had washed it and the seams frayed. The fabric was like hair! The dress had a lining. I turned it wrong side out and used my seam ripper to open the lining. I was very careful to only open the lining, pulling away the outer shell fabric. Then I pulled the outer shell fabric through and stitched the outer shell pieces back together right sides together. You can see my stitches, I sewed it twice because I was afraid of the stitching might fray again. After stitching the outer shell closed, I stitched the lining-opening closed. The dress could be worn again! Yeah this rescue mission was a success!!

I am definitely a Bag Hag!

I have bought a bag! I know I make bags, why did I buy one?  I have NOT bought a bag since 2007 and I have made over 100 bags, why this one? This one is called the skirt purse from Thirty One and it has purse skirts you can take off and put on.  This is the color I decide to buy black leather with the red skirt. I am planning to make my own purse skirts! I love this idea! I think it is so smart! Here are a couple skirt tutorials on how to make your own purse skirts.... This skirt tutorial is from 365 Days to Simplicity . and  This tutorial is from Joy's Jots, Shots and What Nots . These would make great semi-homemade gifts. You could buy the bag and make the skirts! I am not a Thirty One consultant  but you can locate one in your area through their site. It is a great way to support women in your area. Thanks!

Wristlet Updated Templates!!

This has been in the making for a long time. My Wristlet epattern templates have been redrawn in Illustrator and they look amazing!! Plus I have included a 20% larger size in the epattern. If you have purchased the epattern from me at Etsy and would like the update please email me your purchase order #, at and I will send you the updated info. If you ordered it through another seller they have also updated their files. Check your purchased patterns for the update, you will have to download the pattern again. Thank you!

Spoonflower Visit!

Spoonflower is a textile company that helps customers create customized fabrics. I took a tour of their new facility Saturday, in Durham, NC. There new space has over 20 digital printers, space for craft classes and a wonderful staff. It is amazing to think about how far they have come. Starting with only 2 printers and a simple idea. There website is super easy to use. Upload your design file and tile it using there site. You can even order wall paper!! Ok, that is a little crazy but you get the idea. Back to there facility, this the reception area. One side showcases bright wallpaper with the opposite side showcasing fabrics. Spoonflower carries 10 different fabrics ranging from silk to heavy twill.  When you walk around the reception area, this is what you see a wall of windows. If you look through the windows you see the heart of their operation. Fabric Printers!! After printing the fabric, it has to go through a heat press to set the pigment in the ink