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Sew Spoiled August Giveaway!

Well, with no electricity this weekend, it could have been a wash but instead of sleeping it away or being on the computer far to long. I actually got stuff done! I wrote down Sew Spoiled goals in my notetaker with pencil and paper, cut out projects that I thought I would never start and spent the day getting organized. I also read stories with my daughters, played cards and board games and sat back and enjoyed long conversations with them. If we have any bloggers from the east coast what was your experience with Hurricane Irene? Thanks for being patience with me, blog-wise. It is the beginning of a new school year and for those of you who may not know, I am a full-time elementary teacher. My oldest daughter and I have been going to school together for four years! Wow! It goes by to fast. I plan to write most post on Tuesday and Thursdays, with giveaways still at the end of each month. I have not forgotten August’s Giveaway! It will start today and run through August 31, 2011, 8pm eas

Chalk Vinyl Projects

I have been in the process of making my sewing room an oasis. I found something really great and interesting called Chalk Vinyl. I am using it like this... as a place to make visual notes for my blog but there are many ways to use it. Really you do not have to use a vinyl cutter to use it, since you need the pieces to be large enough to write on. Here are a few more ways to use Chalk Vinyl…. Weekly Menu planner Chalkboard Vinyl Menu by allie000 on Etsy monthly planner Chalkboard Wall Calendar with Memo Vinyl Wall by SimpleShapes draw station for bedroom Dinosaurs Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decals TRex and by wallstickz Peel and stick labels Chalkboard Labels Rectangle Chalkboard by bradensgracewallart Happy Crafting!

Easy Scrunchy Tutorial

Easy Scrunchy Tutorial I made this tutorial after buying hair bands and loosing them all over the house. They would disappear in the couch, vacuumed or left in the car. Making these scrunchies made the hair bands easier to see, locate and put away. I hope you give this tutorial a try!  If you do, please add your photos to the  Flickr Group: your Sew Spoiled projects!   Happy Sewing!

Oliver + S Popover Sundress

I had so much fun this weekend making these adorable Popover Sundresses ! Oliver+S designed the Popover Sundress originally for Sew Hip magazine. After the publication they made it available online for free! The pattern is beautifully written with 3 pages of instructions followed by the dress template in sizes 2T-8!! I started by cutting everything out! Each dress only has 6 pieces to sew together. The front and the back of the dress is made the exact same way. This makes assembling the dress even easier! I bought the plaid orange fabric at Jo Annn’s this summer. It was on sell and I knew the girls would love it! I just didn’t know which dress pattern to use it with. I purchase 2 yards and knew the right project would present itself. The instructions said that I would need more yardage than I had but since my paper templates could be placed right-side-up or upside-down. It was not a problem. **Helpful Tip: If you purchase fabric without knowing the yardage needed for a project, try t

I love seeing your Pictures!

Recently Lori, a Sew Spoiled Customer, sent me this picture of her Sew Spoiled Cabrio Tote . She made it for her BFF! What a great best friend you are, Lori! I adore the warm summery fabrics. Pink and green is a weakness of mine. I too have made a bag from these prints but I like yours better… Thanks Lori and I know your friend will love it! If you have sewn something from a Sew Spoiled ePattern or Tutorial please share your work with us and add it to the Flickr: your Sew Spoiled projects group. We would love to share it here. If you add your blog's link in the picture description we will also link your blog. You can also join Sew Spoiled on Facebook , Twitter , and Pinterest . If you sign up with us you will learn about coupon codes, new patterns, updated posts, monthly giveaways and sewing inspiration. Happy Sewing!

Kick Start Christine Haynes Newest Project!

Do you want to make this dress??? Me To! Here is how! Back in March, Christine Haynes sponsored one of Sew Spoiled's monthly giveaways with a signed book. Now she needs our help. She is hoping to start a new line of envelop patterns with these two beautiful dresses! After making serval dresses and skirts from her Chic and Simple Sewing Book , I would love to make these two new designs as well. The only problem is that she needs money to produce the printed patterns. Here is how you can help! Go to   Christine Haynes Launches Sewing Patterns! by Christine Haynes — Kickstarter . No donation is too little and if you can't afford to donate just help spread the word! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or just tell everyone you know. Take a button and place it on your sidebar. Christine is super sweet and she is an incredible designer, seamstress and teacher!  Here is a video to explain it even more…. Can't wait to buy these patterns! Christine they are beautiful!! Let's s

Sew Spoiled Pouch Cubed Tutorial

Tutorial Here:   Sew Spoiled Pouch Cubed The Pouch Cubed is a fun sized pouch to make and use! My daughter has one attached to her backpack, using a split key ring, for small toys and/or money needed for school. You can also use it for small devices, stickers, marbles, pacifiers, rocks, snacks (in a ziplock), Poly Pocket and her accessories, small bouncy balls, lipstick, makeup, post-it notes, paper clips, candy, doggy clean-up bags and collectibles.  Let me know if you find more fun sized uses for the Pouch Cubed! Also if you make a Pouch Cubed please add it to the  Flickr: The your Sew Spoiled projects! Pool . I would love to see your pouches and uses! Happy Sewing!

Sewing Inspiration!

Make This Look is a wonderful website that shows fashionable patterns and fabric put together. It is part of Mena Trott’s blog The Sew Weekly were she sews a different garment each week! Her blog shows off her sewing skills as well as her great fabric combinations! You have to check this blog! After you do, come back and tell us what you think!  What are your favorite blogs? How do they inspire you? Happy Blogging!

Fall 2011 Sewing

All of these finds are wonderful patterns, fabrics and books that are out or will be out this Fall!! Storey Publishing : Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders This is the second book authors Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins have collaborated on. It will have 101 sewing projects from many different designers, for different types of fabrics and will be available Dec. 9, 2011. Sewing with Nancy A-Z Here is my book review . Amy Butlers new apparel fabrics Theses are out now and Amy Butler is on a blogging tour so you may see her on some of your favorite sewing blogs. Sewing in a Straight Line Brett Bara What a great idea for a book!! I wish I had come up with it. I always tell my friends that do not sew, if you can sew in a straight line you can make anything! Maybe with this book-in-hand they will believe me. continental blouse, skirt & dress sewing pattern | Lisette - sew your style After making the passport dress , market skirt and my favorite th

Book Review: Sewing A to Z By Nancy Zieman

When I was a stay at home mom with my two little girls, I would watch “ Sewing with Nancy ” on PBS. She was very patience and would share so many useful techniques throughout her program. Seeing these techniques used gave me confidence to try them out for myself. I am so happy that she wrote this book and organized all of her sewing techniques in one place. The book is called “ Sewing A to Z” and it is extremely easy to use. Even if you have sewn for a very long time, there is ways something new to learn. Pros: The book is organized well. If you want to know more about installing a zipper simply turn to “Z” to learn more. The illustrations are clear, there are approximately 3-4 illustrations on each page. The pages in the book are very colorful. Nancy has placed little notes throughout the book to give you great sewing tips. These are like little pieces of gold! Cons: This is a great reference book but there are no projects. Of Course I always want more, some of the topics that I wis

Michael's Craft Stores are Carrying Fabrics!

Not all of them but many of Michael’s Craft Stores are carrying Fabric!! That is a good thing, that means there are more of us sewing!!! I live in a small town, there is only one fabric shop and well, I think we are lucky to even have that. Walmart here does carry fabrics but their selection is very small. If I want to go to Jo Ann’s, I travel 45 minutes to get there one way. So when I saw fabric being stocked in the Michael’s, I was super happy! Plus the colors and designs are very nice because it is produced from Westminster Fibers under the name Top Draw. I recently came across Jayme Marie's Blog , I believe she may have designed it! The price is about what you will pay online for designer prints but Michael’s aways has printable coupons. It is just nice to know that if I have make something fast, I have another fabric choice! Here is one of my favorite shopping sites Printable Coupons . You can find not only coupons for Michael’s but other great stores too. Happy Shopping!

Ironing Board Slipcover Tutorial

If you are a little like me you have a few areas in your sewing space that are not pretty. One of mine is the ironing board. I fuse and iron so much that it gets terrible stains all over it. In order to make it pretty I made a simple slipcover to hide the yucky stains. Materials: 2 yards of any fabric ( This fabric is Alexander Henry , Sew Much Fun, Mocha . I found it at Fabric Worm !!)  , 2 yards, will honestly make two but you need the length. I made a second cover for my Mom. You could always make a second one for a friend! 4 yards of ribbon My original cover has an elastic binding so I left that on and used the ironing board itself. I added 4” from the edge of the board. If you do not have a serger you can zig zag stitch over the edge or even turn the raw edge over 1/4” and then a full 1” (step 5). I am using a button hole foot on my new machine. This is at the base of the ironing board cover. Be careful not to cut the stitching. Pin all aroun