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Sew Spoiled iPad Case

I have had a selfish week of sewing. First I created a   jersey knit dress  and then this iPad case. I am trying to read and write more using my iPad as much as possible. I thought by making a lovely case, I would use it more. This fabric is called Type by Julia Rothman from Windham Fabrics . It quickly caught my eye and I thought it would look great as a Sew Spoiled iPad folding case .   I used the typewriter fabrics for the outside and the clipboard and glasses fabric for the lining.  I remember typing on a typewriter. Ours was nice because it had the white ribbon to make corrections with. However sometimes it would not line up and you would have to type with the white out ribbon a few times. I love this fabric and I love my iPad Case. I use my iPad more when it is inside a pretty case. Happy Sewing!

Jersey Dress Happiness

I royally Sew Spoiled myself this weekend. Here is one of the many projects I completed. It is a purple jersey knit  Washi Dress from Made By Rae's sewing pattern . There are so many beautiful jersey knit fabrics out there that I wanted to give it a try. I bought this fabric from Fabric Bros Etsy shop . It was $4.90 by the yard, I purchased two yards at $14.80 including shipping! Sometimes it is scary to buy knits online because you can not tell the weight or stretch of the fabric. Fabric Bros will send you a sample card of their fabric to choose from. (So Smart!) Here is a picture of the shirring on the back of the dress and the pockets.  Got to have pockets! The best part of this type of fabric is the bounce, drape and flow of the dress. I will never have to iron it!! Just take it out of the dryer and put on! It is so soft and relaxing to wear. Everyone at work looks forward to jean days at school (when teachers can wear jeans) but I look forward to Jersey Dres

Polka Dot Skirt

I am so excited about my new black with white polka dots skirt. I first saw this type of skirt walking around the outlet mall. This skirt was in the window of J.Crew calling to me. Right away, I could see the potential of it in my wardrobe. I wanted it!!! I knew I could recreate it so I didn't even look at the J.Crew price. Since then, I have learned that is was $85. Wow! I am so glad that I decided to make my own. I used this free online Skirt Pattern  and bought the fabric at JoAnn's for $6 per yard. The pattern does not come with pockets so I borrowed the pocket template from the  Iris Shorts pattern  by Colette Patterns. I cut 4 pocket pieces out and stitched each one 3" from the top of the skirt. There is an invisible zipper to install on the back of the skirt. There are also 4 darts, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. If you are unsure how to sew darts here is an excellent  dart video tutorial . Overall, I am happy with my results. I saved money, it is tailored j

Chiffon Sheer Scarf Tutorial

Materials: Chiffon Sheer fabric measuring 18"X45"  I bought the Mint Sail Boat fabric at JoAnn's. Rotary Cuter and Mat Sewing Machine Thread Step 1: Fold the fabric in half right sides facing long ways. Sew .25" seam allowance along the long raw edges. Step 2: Flip right side out.  Step 3: Fold the shorter edges inward and stitch across the open edge. Repeat for the opposite side. These super easy scarves would make great quick gifts for teacher appreciation, brides maids, graduation gifts, or birthdays. Enjoy!

May 2013 Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway This Month's Giveaway is part of Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day !  This giveaway is for a   Sew Spoiled 4 epattern bundle package ! I t will run through midnight on May 10, 2013 with the winner being announced on May 11, 2013. We will send all four ePatterns through email by  May 13, 2013! All friends are welcome! What do you have to do to enter to win?? Follow the directions above. ~Best Wishes!

Ribbon Zipper Pull Tutorial

This school year I created zipper pulls for teacher gifts. They are simple to make, cost is low and they are personalized gifts!  Materials: Sewing Machine Silhouette or vinyl cutter Ribbon 1" swivel hook Lighter or fray check Step 1: Using your computer program for your vinyl cutter. Set the font to 1" heigh by 4.5" long. I use cooper font for all of my zipper pulls. After you have the vinyl cutter cut out the name, weed away the excess.  Step 2: Cut the ribbon at an angle.  Step 3: Thread through the 1"swivel hook. Step 4: Sew across the ribbon as closes as possible to the 1" swivel hook. Step 5: Iron on the heat vinyl to the ribbon. Ta Da! Clip onto your favorite zipper bag! You have a personalized Zipper Pull! Enjoy!

Sew Pretty T-Shirt Dress Review and Blog Tour!

If you are looking for a fun sewing book to read and create with this spring/summer  Sew Pretty T-shirt Dresses is the book for you. Inside you will find beautiful pictures and easy to read instructions, with more than 25 different dresses to create. Since the bodice is done (t-shirt) , you can spend your time decorating the bodice and making the skirt.  I have made tons of t-shirt dresses, even one for myself  and more recently a  shirred night gown .  In this book I noticed right away, the t-shirt disappears. The authors give you ways to embellish the bodice as well as the skirt of each dress, this makes the t-shirt disappear! The end result is a  beautiful dress that you make in half the time because you could spend more time embellishing and creating an amazing skirt. There are no templates inside this book because most are rectangle or square shapes. This means easy cutting, I do recommend a rotary cutter and mat. Here is a tip to making your t-shirt dresses l

Sew Spoiled Wardrobe Find

I am always looking for cute ways to add fun pieces to my wardrobe.  Here is a cute group of ideas I hope you will enjoy.  This is  Michael Miller Ship Breeze and kiss dot blossom  at Bella Fabrics. This fabric would look adorable as a pencil skirt using Simplicity's 2258 pattern below. Match the skirt up with these adorable flats and you have the perfect outfit for the beach! I think I would wear a raspberry colored tshirt.  Easy Drifter Flat at ModCloth So cute! Let me know your thoughts!