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Aprons from placemats!

The Grammy came over with cookies, icing and sprinkles ready to make Christmas cookies and decorate the Christmas tree. She also bought 2 placemats and ribbon to make aprons for my two little girls. I only had to stitch two lines on either side of the placemat and run the ribbon through each side and tie it in the back. The girls loved it!!!! The cookies were delicious and their clothes are stain free. Yeah!!! If you do not have time to make everything from scratch, then make it semi-home made! Happy Holidays!

Work In Progress:)

WIP Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I just received these beautiful fabrics from Material Girl Shoppe !! They are Heather Bailey's BRAND NEW Peonies in Red, Paisley in Ice, Pop Daisy in Red and Tile Primrose from the Pop Garden collection . I am in love! These prints are large so for a large bag it was a match in heaven. Can't wait to share more later;)

Sew Spoiled Set in Amy Butler Gothic Rose

Sew Spoiled Set Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I decided to use all of the scrap pieces until there was nothing left.:) I was happily surprised when I realized I had enough for a Ladybug , hairband (free) and wristlet !! Now this set makes for a great gift! Not only that but I bought the Amy Butler's Belle collection, Gothic Rose in blue , on sale at $6.00 for 3/4 yard. By buying this fab fabric on sale and using the brown canvas (I buy at a discount store) I stretched my fabric cost! If you are reading this blog share how you find ways to use your money for fabric in a smart way:) Where do you find the best prices? What kind of patterns give you the best results for your money?

Pleated Tote with Amy Butler Fab Fabric

Weekender tote Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is what happens when I am left alone to my own devices. I get crazy creative! I actually drew one thing out on paper but when I went to make the design this is what happen. I guess this fabric did not want to do what was on paper. It is funny how that happens sometimes. Well back to the drawing board!

Amy Butler Pinafore Flower Applique

Pinafore Flower Applique Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I couldn't help myself. This is just too much fun!!! I made this one for my 1 year old almost 2:). Although she won't put it on at the moment because she has her "princess dress" on. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Pinafore Pattern from Grain and Gusset

Pinafore Applique side Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I just wanted to show you another awesome e-book the pinafore pattern available at Grain and Gusset !! At this Etsy store you will find patterns as well as fabric for $6.00 a yard!! I love her shop and of course this e-book. I added a simple tree applique to the front of this side but the pinafore is reversible and on the other side I used Kaffe Fasset, Verbena Trees in Sage . I hope you try this wonderful e-book pattern your little ones will love you for it!!! This would make a great holiday gift!!!

Cupcake Pincushion with Gigi Minor pins!

pincushion with new pins Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love my new pins!! They are so cute!!! If you are looking for a fun way to spruce up your pincushion then visit Gigi Minor at Etsy! She hand makes each and very pin without the use of molds. She is super friendly and her pins are adorable. It is a must see and for any seamstress a got to have!! Happy shopping!

Ladybug Cut Step 4

Some have asked exactly how do I cut the patchwork pieces into the Ladybug shape. So here is the picture process:) It is very simple. First, fold the pleated patchwork in half like so. Second, place the template over the folded patchwork. The center of pleat is where the fold line on the template should be. Make sure that the top of the template is placed at the top of the pleat. Finally, I like to use a rotary cutter to cut around the template. After I cut both sides I even make sure that each half of the outer shell lines up properly. Let me know if you have any more questions! Happy sewing everyone!