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Antler Sweaters!

I finished my Antler Sweater by Tin Cat Knits ! Yeah! I started the Antler Sweater after Christmas. It was a way to relax after the craziness of Christmas. The buttons are made from coconut shell.  Knitting is always teaching me lessons like patience and perseverance. I also love that I can socialize with my family and knit. However, it takes so long to complete one work. Even I have a hard time trying to focus on one work for so long. Everyone who has seen the our sweaters asks about the cabling, "Was it hard to do?". The cabling part of this pattern is my favorite part. I like switching up the stitching to create designs.   The girls Antler Sweaters are finished too! I need a picture of all of us together. I love that they are the same colors as the coats I make them when they were little. They love these colors.  Now my husband is asking where is his sweater.  LOL

New Leather Wave Bag

Just finished this Sew Spoiled Wave Bag . I fell head over heels for the grey fabric and when I noticed I had leather to match, I was ecstatic! The lining is a very pale grey. This bag is the right size for holding all of your stuff and more. I like to wear mine to school and place books, papers and magazines inside.  Hope you give this beauty a try. Easy to make and is a wonderful gift! Happy Sewing!