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Etsy Find at Francine Toukou!

Etsy Find at Francine Toukou Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I ordered these Slate Slippers from Francine Toukou just a couple of weeks ago and they came in Saturday!!! I love receiving packages in the mail, especially when they are wrapped up like wonderful gifts! I tore into the package to find these soft, cozy slippers. My Great Grandmother use to make these for us each Christmas and slipping these onto my feet made me feel like a kid again! If you get the opportunity, go over to Francine Toukou right now!! She has amazing prices and perfectly crocheted gifts. If you need a little warmth in your life you might want to check out her Ruffle Wraps, Beanies or Simply Slated Slippers (My personal favorite!) I also ordered the Steel Beanie for my Niece. She is a teenager so it was hard to tell if she liked it, but these are so popular! I might have to order another for me!! (I am Sew Spoiled!) Reading her profile, I found out that she is a mad crafter, hair salon owner, author

Music Lovers Listen

presents 2009 Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I am a music teacher by day and seamstress by night, when the two worlds collide it is magical!! The Music Lover armband is so much fun to make because the first step involves a hunt through your fabric scraps. Little pieces of gold!! Once you have collected all of your scraps and cut out the shapes, you simply iron and sew! I am currently working on a variety of shapes for different devices out there. Also I would like to make the arm strap for small, medium and large sizes using different strap templates. That is why I love being able to sew because you can change so many variables to customize your project. These two are gifts. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. Merry Christmas! ~Leah

Swirls and Curls Sling Bag

swirls and curls sling bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled My mom loved the laptop sleeve bag I gave her so much that she asked for a custom bag like this. Honestly, I have been putting it off but I love how it turned out! Zipper closure, adjustable strap,4 purse feet and 6 interior pockets! I might have to make a few more! It is a combination of the Sew Spoiled laptop sleeve and the weekender tote patterns . The fabric is Michael Miller's, Mud Surf. I found it at the HyperNoodle2 fabric store on Etsy. Happy Holidays! ~Leah

Canvas Chair

Canvas Chair Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled We have had this chair forever. It is one of those chairs that has moved with our family three times. I have always wanted to take the original white canvas off and replace it. This week I finally did it!!! Now the only problem is I need to spray paint the wood and I am not sure what color to paint it. The dots are white against black and the embroidery is a dark pink. So my question is should I paint it white again, shiny black or pink????? Let me know what you think. ~Leah

Give Away Winner!!!

I wish I had a bag for everyone!! I loved all of the wonderful comments and stories! Thank you for all participating. The Lucky winner is... Colour du jour ! I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Colour du jour, please email me at and tell me where you would like me to send your new bag.

Sew Spoiled Give Away!!

My baby sister turns 30, Dec. 17!!!! I can't believe it! I made these two beautiful black and white, damask bags to celebrate. One is for my little sister's birthday and one is for you!! That is right I am giving away one of these gorgeous bags!! This giveaway will run through midnight on December 17, 2009 with the winners being announced on December 18, 2009. The winner will be chosen using I will send it priority mail by December 21, 2009! I will ship internationally, so all friends are welcome. What do you have to do to enter to win?? Just post a funny comment about your experiences this time of year. It could be about trying to get the perfect gift, a funny family story or a cooking disaster! ~Leah

Gift Idea #6 French Cuff Tote Epattern!!!

French Cuff ToteTutorial Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled The Sew Spoiled French Cuff Tote is the perfect tote to make for all of your friends and family. It is a simple and quick project that makes an elegant gift. The French Cuff epattern includes over 50 clear project pictures and easy instructions for all skill levels. You can only find this pattern in my Etsy store !! It is only $8.00 for a limited time! Materials you will need to make the Sew Spoiled French Tote are... Fabric A: 1/2 yard of decorative fabric or One pair of suit pants (Outer shell) Fabric B: 1/2 yard of bright fun fabric (for the lining,pockets and handle loops) and Pockets) Fabric C: 1/4 yard of white fabric (French Cuff) One yard of light weight Interfacing, Pellon ® craft fuse 809 is recommended. Heavy weight interfacing measuring 2”X2”for the magnet clasp installation. 3”X 7”of Peltex ® for the base of bag and to install the purse feet . Hardware: 6”bamboo, purse handles, 4– purse feet (optional), 2-larg

Gift Idea #5, Pleated Bags!!

This bag is so much fun to make! If you have a ton of handmade gifts to make for family and friends this is a perfect pattern to use. You can make this bag out of scraps from other projects!! I found the pleated Buttercup Bag Pattern at Made By Rae's Blog ! It is a free pattern that you can download and use! I made a slip pocket for a cell phone. To see more ways to use the Buttercup Bag pattern go to The Buttercup Bag Flickr picture group . If you love pleats, I know I do!! You might want to try the Sew Spoiled Pleated Wristlet ePattern . After making this Buttercup Bag it will be easier to make the Sew Spoiled Wristlet , you can learn how to install a zipper too. You might want to try the two ideas together! A Buttercup Bag with a zipper. Also the Sew Spoiled Boxy Wristlet base could be used too with the Buttercup Bag pattern, just make it a little longer.

Gift Idea #4, For the Paper Lovers

I found some really great gifts for those in our lives that love paper! My kids love this first gift idea from Craft Apple , the Little Artist Drawing Case . It is not a free tutorial you will have to purchase the pattern but it is well worth it because it is 3 patterns in 1. The second "I heart paper idea" is the large Note Taker from Pink Chalk Studio . It is perfect for anyone who loves to write their creative ideas on paper. For those who like to post everything from lists to new ideas. The Fabric Cork Board is the perfect gift! If you are wanting to make your gift even more special make your own tacks too with this Thumb Tack tutorial from How about Orange . For a few more free paper tutorials go to Amy Butler designs . Scroll to the bottom and you will find a business card holder and a sweet greetings portfolios . Also a free tutorial for a F abric Covered Journal by Jennifer Paganelli at All People Quilt. I have not tried these wonderful tutorials yet but they are

Gift Idea #3, for the Kitchen

I found the Wash Cloth Tutorial online recently from Sew Mama Sew . I had two waffle towels from Target's $1 area. I cut them in half, cut off the binding and made my own!! These are fun and easy to whip up in one sitting. These sweet wash clothes are perfect with a matching Apron in an Hour . If you know someone who loves to cook or has recently restored their old kitchen this is a wonderful gift. I found one more terrific find to make anyones kitchen fun to cook in, it is the Make Hot Pads tutorial . Just scroll down and click on the "Get it now PDF pattern". You can read through it looks so easy!!! Maybe you will make a gift for yourself too! Happy Sewing! ~Leah

Gift Idea #2, Paper Wreaths!

This is a wonderful paper wreath from Living with Lindsey's blog . I loved the way it looked, like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. I knew it would make a fantastic gift! This one is made from sheet music, Mahler's Symphony No. 1 to be exact. ( Sorry Mahler! ) I started with a 12" foam wreath, Mahler's Symphony and a glue gun! This picture below is the half way point. I liked folding the staff music the same way throughout the wreath. In Lindsey's tutorial she suggests to fold the paper lots of different ways! If you are someone who has a lot of names on your Christmas list and not a ton of cash, this is the perfect gift this holiday season!! For under $10 you can make one of these paper wreaths! It is very simple and fun to make while listening to your favorite music! Thank you for the fun tutorial Lindsey!!! The tutorial was a wonderful gift in itself!

Gift Idea #1, Holiday Aprons!

I am trying to get ready for the holiday season. I have found some awesome crafty gifts for this year. My plan is to make them and post the ideas for you. As I go through my Christmas list teacher gifts were my first to complete. Since, I have a 6 year old who is in a class that has a teacher, student teacher, teacher assistant and not to mention the 7 enhancement teachers (me included). I needed a quick pattern that made a lot in a short amount of time. I found a wonderful apron tutorial at Fabritopia it is called Apron in an hour ! Even though they are not all bakers I am sure that these will be a huge hit! I had 7.5 yards of Funky Christmas fabric from Micheal Miller's Christmas collection. 7.5 Yards makes 10 Aprons!!! This little ball of scraps is all that was left after cutting and dividing up the fabric. That was my favorite part. I hope you give this tutorial a try!

Funky Christmas Bundle

Funky Christmas Bundle Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I am still here!!!! Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been busy with fall festivals, new patterns and stuffy noses. Then I got distracted by this gorgeous fabric!!! It is Michael Miller's Funky Christmas and It makes me want to make something for everyone in it!! Stockings, table runner, hostess apron, scrappy wreath, pin cushions and holiday shopping wristlets are all on the top of my list. If only I could decide what to make first! What are you planning to make this holiday season?

Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated

Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled The Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated just came out Oct. 10, 2009!!!! I received it this week in the mail!! I love the look! There are 2 pleats in the front and one in the back! No zippers, buttons or even elastic, if you chose to finish the arm seams. Just cloth, thread and fun! After cutting 9 pattern pieces out of my fabric choice it took approximately 2 hours to complete. The fabric was on sale for less than $2.00 a yard!! I will be making more of these, maybe I will try the skirt length next in a heavier fabric! Happy Sewing! Leah

Amy Butler Suitable Tote from Sew Spoiled

Amy Butler Suitable Tote from Sew Spoiled Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I realize that some of you can make this with very little instruction. However, I am putting together an easy Epattern that will show you some tricks of the suitable tote and give you some new ideas, I have not shown you yet. I love the Suitable tote! It looks so professional and you can make them quickly! This is a great bag to make and sell in your shop or make as gifts on a moments notice. If you want to carry your fun fabric with you everywhere you go but your colorful fabric does not match your everyday clothes this is the bag for you! :) Yes! I have that problem!!! I made one for myself and I have not stopped using it! It matches everything!!! Also, if your guy has an old suit he can no longer wear this is the perfect project!!! Recycle and reuse that fabric for a fun adventure!! Can't wait to share!!!! By the way, getting ready for another giveaway! Warm Wishes!! Leah

The Sew Spoiled Suitable Tote

Suitable Tote3 Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is my next adventure! I love this bag. I have made 5 Suitable Totes for friends and family and one for myself. I love that I can dress up or down and it still looks great on my arm. There is one right now in my Etsy shop ! I can't tell you how many people have asked, "Where did you buy your Tote?" For those of you who may not sew this is a great opportunity to Sew Spoil yourself. I will only be making a hand full of these and placing them in my shop. Each will be unique and special and of course have the Sew Spoiled tag! They are only $35, which is a great price for a one of a kind, limited edition, Sew Spoiled Tote . One more thing, each will also have a special gift inside! Happily Spoiled! Leah

Questions About the Sew Spoiled Diaper Bag Epattern!

Hi All, I have been receiving all kinds of great questions about the Sew Spoiled Diaper Bag Epattern. I wanted to share them with all of you. Questions? Where can I find the hardware?? I found a great shop on Etsy called 3D Pattern Paper . They have a wide selection of great purse hardware. The adjustable strap hardware you will need is 2 – 1.5” Rings, 1-2” slider and 2-2” swivel hooks. What kind of interfacing do you recommend?I recommend Pellon craft fuse 809. Are the pictures clear, so I can see every step? In the Sew Spoiled Diaper Bag Epattern there are over 70 clear beautiful photos! This is so you can see what every step looks like from start to finish. Plus the extra advantage of using Sew Spoiled patterns is that if you have any questions at all you can always email me your question for a quick response. I have not sewn a zipper pocket before, is this step hard? Again this step is very clear and once you add this skill to your bag of tricks you will want to make every pu

Emmeline Apron Pattern

Emmeline Apron Pattern side 1 Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Welcome to Sew Spoiled!! I feel like a hostess! :) I made this Emmeline Apron for my sister but I want to wear it all the time. My sister came over, she needed my help decorating some kitchen towels for a friend. Next thing I know, she has picked out fabric and the Emmeline apron and I am cutting out the pattern. A slight twist of my wrist... Ok, ok, really none at all and I was starting a new sewing journey. I love Sew Liberated patterns ! They are easy to follow with just a few steps and pattern pieces. I know I will be making more of these for Christmas gifts. I think something that helped me a lot was working on it in stages. I do not have large blocks of time to work on projects, so picking a few step to complete at a time really helped me finish this project. Sew Liberated has a book coming out in December!! It's on the top of my own wish list. I also want to get the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern which should

Petal Knot Jumpers Dresses

Petal Knot Jumpers dresses Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled One of my favorite things to do is make clothes for my two little girls. They are so cute and fun! I have been collecting Patty Young's fabric from the Mezzanine collection this summer. I love the colors and designs. I decided to make a Petal Knot Jumper from Sandi Henderson's, Claire Pattern, so they could wear the jumpers through the fall months. There is not much of a Sew Spoiled Twist. I just made the skirt from the same fabric (instead of two toned like the pattern suggests) and did not add the apron (I did not want to hide the beautiful skirt fabric). The first thing my girls did when they tried them on was test the spin factor, which must have scored high because they continued to twirl most of the day way. Happy sewing! ~Leah

Sew Spoiled Ladybug Diaper Bag Pattern

Pink Diaper bag front Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled The Sew Spoiled Ladybug Diaper Bag Epattern is available at Etsy . The Sew Spoiled Ladybug Diaper bag is every mother's dream! It has 7 pockets: 2 exterior slip pockets, 2 exterior elastic pockets, 2 interior elastic pockets and 1 large zipper pocket to carry all of your essential needs. The adjustable messenger strap can hang neatly on a stroller or can be worn over the shoulder. The purse feet are to protect your Ladybug Diaper Bag from ever touching the floor. The magnetic flap is an easy closure to allow you to get whatever you need in a moments notice. The Sew Spoiled Diaper Bag makes a wonderful gift and can also be used as a regular messenger tote. This E-book is 25 pages, over 70 photos and 4 full size templates. Happy Sewing! Leah

Happy Birthday! (to me...) Cha, Cha, Cha:)

Sorry, I have not written in a week. We have been celebrating birthdays!!! Mine was last week and my oldest turned 6 over the weekend!!! We were royally spoiled! The best part was seeing our family and being together. The worst part is that we still have birthday cake and I don't seem to have enough will power to throw it away! What is new with Sew Spoiled? Now you can shop at Pink Chalk Fabrics and buy Sew Spoiled Epatterns there too. I am so glad that Kathy Mack , from Pink Chalk Studio , is carrying Sew Spoiled Designs! She has a beautiful selection of deisgner fabrics to choose from and now you can buy Sew Spoiled patterns all at the same place!

Zen Moment

Zen moment Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled I love these Gum Drop Cushions!!! The pattern and fabrics are by Amy Butler. I only had enough fabric for either one 24" cushion or two 18" cushions. I knew my two girls would want one each for movie and game nights so I made two. I had no idea they would be so popular! No sooner had I finished the knot to close the hole and they were bouncing all over them. The Gum Drop cushions look adorable stacked on top of each other in a corner or placed side by side against the wall. The Sew Spoiled twist, I made them with 4 yards of different Nigella Home Decor fabrics and 8 bags of 20 oz. poly-fil. I bought 10 bags but only used 8. For Halloween, I might make some cute slipcovers that look like pumpkins:). If you have this pattern, dust it off and try it out. If you don't have it, you can find it anywhere online. There are 5 Etsy shops currently carrying this pattern. Happy Sewing! Leah

Lunch Box with Marlo Bloom Flower:)

Lunch Box with Marlo Bloom Flower:) Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled Ok, now I am done!! I have been waiting for an excuse to make this beautiful Marlo Bloom Flower by Heather Bailey. I couldn't help myself when I saw that I had polka dots and strips in Red!!!! The original Lunch box pattern by Oh Fransson suggested a flower....... I just pumped it up a bit. I love pretty things!! Now display my lunch box proudly instead of hiding it in a drawer. Smiles! Leah

Sew Spoiled twist on the Oh, Fransson Lunchbox

This is a wonderful pattern by Oh, Fransson's , the Lunchbox pattern :) It is a free lunchbox pattern and I love the look. I used the dimensions given in the pattern for my daughter's lunch box. The reason I wanted to try it was the iron-on vinyl. I have never used this project before and I wanted to see what this product was like. I found that the iron-on vinyl was easy to apply but once on, if the bag is crumpled for any reason it looks beat up and in need of an ironing again. So I don't think it is a perfect product but it is really cool:) that you can waterproof any fabric you choose by applying the iron-on vinyl. Maybe it will get even better in the future. This is the platypus side. My daughter loves Phineas and Ferb ! In this cartoon there is a platypus called Perry who is a secrete agent. She wanted a platypus lunch box, so Mommy makes her one. (That's what mommies do.) This is the Emily embroidered side. I added a decorative flower like the pattern suggests

Mac Laptop Sleeve for my Hubby

Mac Laptop Sleeve Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled This is the first thing I have ever made my husband! I know, that sounds terrible but it is hard to find things to sew for your guy. Not to mention fabric that is not black to create your project with. The Laptop sleeve is a Sew Spoiled design with Amy Butler fabric, imperial fans in spinach, I found at the Fabric Bar Etsy shop. Hey, I have an idea!!! If you know of a great pattern to sew your guy please share it with me or us:) !!! Or if you know a great looking fabric that is not black! Please share with us the designer and the name of the fabric, maybe even where we can find it. Happy Sewing!! Leah ~Can't wait to see your posts!!!

Office Chair Recover Project

Have you ever had a project that you keep putting off?? Well, this chair has been on my to do list forever. The black original fabric was torn and worn out. I had a little help taking off the handles and hardware but once the cushions were off I was on a roll. First, I recovered the bottom cushion. We pulled the fabric over the cushion and stapled it down with a staple gun. I had my husband help me because you need one person to hold the fabric and the other to staple. The top cushion is covered like a slip cover. I draped the fabric over the cushion and drew the cushion shapes onto the back of the fabric with a fabric marker. Then I cut out the shapes and pinned the slip cover, right sides together, along the cushion's old seam lines. Finally, I sewed the slip cover using the pins as a guide for the seam allowance. I left a hole open along the bottom, back of the slip cover so I could fit it over the cushion. After fitting it over the cushion, I hand sewed the rest of the slip co

Sew Liberated's Gnome Messenger Bag

Sew Liberated's Gnome Messenger Bag Originally uploaded by Sew Spoiled It's starting to be that time again. Tax free weekend was last weekend here in NC and teachers report back to school Friday, if you are not on the year round track. I always try to make myself something special when returning to school and this year is no different. Looking around my sewing room I found Sew Liberated's, Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag pattern stuffed in the back of my pattern box. It had never been opened! I opened the pattern up and looked it over. Next, I had to find what fabric to use. I had some Japanese fabric that I bought from the Fabric Bar Etsy shop . I had saved it for a rainy day and this was the perfect opportunity to use it. I gathered all of the supplies and cut all the pieces out. The instructions were very easy to follow and understand. I loved the simplicity of the design and I think I would like to incorporate that into my own patterns. I am rather short so I decid

Brad Project, Dress Up Your Tote

Materials: Clear Acrylic Sealer Scrapbook Brads Peltex or a stiff interfacing 2.5"X2.5" Seam Riper Spray your brads if they are decorative paper pieces used for scrapbooking. These I found at Target, but you can find these anywhere. Try to look at the brads themselves, the bigger the better. I made a dot with a invisible ink pen, cut two tiny holes for the brad tabs and pushed the tabs through. Then make two small holes in the center of the 2.5"X2.5" peltex interfacing and push the brad tabs through. Open the brad tabs so that it will stay in place! You are done! What a fast and easy idea!!! I hope you give it a try:) Happy Crafting! Leah