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Fun in the Sun Mermaid Tutorial

Sewing Materials:
1/4 yard of Lycra or 
5T or larger old swimsuit
Stretch Needle (helps)
Sewing Machine and Sewing Notions
Step 1: Cutting Layout- Place the templates over the fabric and cut.
Step 2:  Fold the top edges of the mermaid tail and sew across.
Step 3: Place the mermaid tale pieces right sides together. Sew around the mermaid tail using the stretch stitch, it looks like a bolt of lighting.
Step 4: Flip the mermaid tail right side out using a chopstick. Option: You can add Poly-fil to make the end of the tale puffy. Set aside.


Step 1: Cut a bodice measuring 4.5” X1.5” or use template.
Step 2: Fold the bodice right sides together and sew the 
short ends making a loop. Use the edge of the presser foot for your seam allowance.
Step 3: Place the loop right side facing around your first two fingers. Hand stitch long gather stitches to gather the front of the bodice. Wrap thread ends around the gather, pull slightly and knot.

She can even swim in the pool or bath tub!
With only a few weeks left of summer, I hope you enjoy this fun in the sun sewing tutorial!


Adorable, love that lycra fabric. I always see worn swimsuits at the thrift shop. Great way to use them.
Unknown said…
Ohhhhh, I wish I had this tutorial 25 years ago when my little girl was still young and at home. So cute! Her 4 yr old daughter isn't a Barbie kinda girl, but maybe her newborn daughter will be. I'm saving this tutorial !
Anonymous said…
These are great! I made some like this once.
Amanda said…
Omgoodness YES! THANK YOU! My daughter loves mermaid barbies but breaks the tails.... this just saved me! She loves her new soft mermaid babies and the tops too. No more naked barbies! Also. I didn't you lycra fabric, I just used stretch costume fabric (These babies dont go swimming) and anyone who makes it this way just remember that you want the stretch to go width wise not length wise, otherwise barbie wont fit. GREAT JOB!
Speattle said…
Thank you so much for this. I just made one up for my granddaughter's Barbie doll using matching fabric that I made my granddaughter a suit from.

I didn't make the bodice top, but just slid the tail portion up over the bust and it stays in place just fine.

So Cute!!!!!
Anonymous said…
What is the white lining you used for the tail?
Sew Spoiled said…
It is not lining, the wrong side of the fabric is white.
mother79 said…
Hi! I made a mermaid tail for my granddaughter last week and it turned out awesome! i gave it to her friday and she loved it! I want to make more and came to your site to print the pattern again and it will not let me print it. It says the file isn't there anymore. Could you please send me the pattern again. Great Pattern! Thank you so much! Willyne
Shirley said…
Good Morning,

I found this and think it is just perfect for my granddaughters. is there anyway to get this since the file is no longer found with the link?

Thank you
Sew Spoiled said…
I have fixed the link. Dropbox has changed some policies and it has affected some of my links. Thank you for your patience.
Anonymous said…
when I print this it's huge ...are they printed at 100% ? help me please I'm stumped
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Jorden Smith said…
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