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Life Travels to Fast, Enjoy it!

 Hello Friends,

I have been away but for very good reasons. Last October  I found out I had grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 1A breast cancer. It is curable and treatable. I am ok! However, that is because we found it early. Please make sure you check yourself and if you find something do not wait. Put your health first and get a 3D mammogram! 

I found these socks on Amazon and loved wearing them to radiation.

I also took my band to Disney World. We had a blast performing down there in the Imagination Workshop Campus and of course, riding all of the rides at Disney and Epcot.

This summer I have been relaxing and starting a new adventure with Poshmark. Poshmark is a website that lets you post listings for free and they get paid when you get paid. I have started to place items in my shop. I would love for you to follow my store. A buyer can make an offer on an item and the seller can counter it or accept your offer. I have had great experiences as a buyer and so I signed up to be a seller. I like that Postmark is the mediator between seller and buyer and they protect both parties. When you purchase an item the money is pending until you accept your product once it is shipped, arrives and you inspect it.  

I will be listing sewing patterns as well as clothes. I have 2 Modkids patterns currently posted. By the time I was ready to make these patterns, my girls were too big. The sizes are 2T- 7. 
Well, I am going to look for more sewing patterns and items to put in my Poshmark store. 
Have a great week!
Best wishes and tons of stitches!


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