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Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote Sew-a-long! Closed

We are starting a Sew-a-long!!!! Yeah! 
Here is the Time line...
Gather Fabric and supplies- - - - - - April 17- May 1 (2weeks)
Cut out the pieces - - - - - - - - - - - - -May 2- May 8
Outer Shell Pleats - - - - - - - - - - - - -May 9- May 15
Straps and finish Outer Shell- - - - - -May 16- May 22
Pockets and Magnet Clasp - - - - - - May 23- May 29
Lining and Finish the Tote- - - - - - - May 30- June 5

If you finish before the deadline great! Post your work early, it might inspire someone else to finish! If you fall behind the group that is ok too try to catch up, some weeks are easier than others.   

Please take a photo or two each week of your progress and load them to the new Flickr group 
Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote Project! If you do not have a flickr account it is free and you will find that there is an incredible sewing world at your finger tips!!! 

There are some ground rules...
1. Have Fun! Make your sewing space relaxing and make sure you have everything you need at your finger tips.
2. Take at least one picture of each section of the sew-a-long.
(Gathering, Cutting, Step 2-3, Step 4-6, Step 7-9, Step 10-11 and finished Tote. A total of 7) Post it at 
Sew Spoiled Weekender Tote Project!
3. Do Not give up! Ask if you need help!
4. Sew Spoil yourself with a treat of some kind after you complete each part of the sew-a-long. (Ice Cream, bubble bath, long walk or something that you really enjoy doing.)

Well, this is my first time hosting a sew-a-long so I am bound to make a mistake. Please let me know if we need to make any changes. I will be making a Weekender Tote with the group, posting pictures and writing about our progress right here! 
Ready......... Set........Sew!


9crafty11 said…
Glad to see that you did go ahead with the sewalong. And it's a very good time line, not rushed at all. I have just joined on flickr, & am thinking of what fabric to use..excited!
Jennifer said…
I've been wanting to make this bag so I'm in!
Elena said…
Woo hoo! I'm so excited! This will actually be my first sew along of any kind. And perfect timing since I just relaunched my blog with more of a sewing theme. Yay! :)
Jennwith4 said…
I just downloaded this pattern a few days ago. How perfect that you are doing a sew along! I'll be joining in. Now just to find some fabric. =)
Great News! So glad you decided to go ahead with this. Now I need to decide on which fabric to use.
Kirsty said…
I purchased my matierials yesterday. I am making this bag for my Wedding Anniversary trip in May to Fiji. I will have to have mine made earlier but I will still post some photos.
Leah said…
Looks like heaps of fun. Im In, thanks Leaha love all your patterns!
Carrie Me! said…
Got my fabric today =)
Beth said…
oh what a fun sew along! I bought that issue of sew news just for the bag pattern! I ran into a problem when I made my bag and had to do the center pleat.. Hopefully I can try another bag and get help from others!
Darija said…
I came over from OPT. This projects looks like fun and I never can turn away from a great tote. I'll have to start looking for my fabric...
Pinktulip said…
This is great news! I am so going to participate. I love your bags! Thanks for hosting a sew-along.
Unknown said…
I've been looking for just such a pattern! I can use this for work as well as play. Can't wait to go shopping for fabric!
the Chacogirl said…
I love your blog, just found you through oneprettything. I'd love to be on your sew-along. Hope I can remember to check in on time. Hugs, from Paraguay
Desi said…
I am a complete and total beginner at sewing, but I love what I see, and want to able to make nice things too. Please count me in.
Unknown said…
I just clicked through to here from MacKenzie's Crafty Mom. I'm going to give this a go! What a great project for me (for a change!). Hmmm, now to select some fabric!
Anonymous said…
i bought that magaznie too because this bag was on the cover, i'm a sucker for bags and totes.
guess i'll go find my fabrics and play along! might as well sew with others :)
Sally said…
I am joining in - I have had a major lack of sewing mojo since October. But a room full of fabric calling out for help!

I also posted a link and some info on my sewing blog:

DaeDreemer said…
This sounds like soooo much fun....I am joining in as well!

Thanks for hosting the sew along.
Michelle said…
i would love to participate too!
The Sewist said…
Oh this is great i thought i commented on this yesterday but i guess i didnt..

I am in and so excited!

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique
Lil' Bit Sassy said…
I'm a bit lost. When I clicked on the link to it told me it was the wrong address and provided another link that just sent me to the flick'r group. Can't find the pattern.
Sew Spoiled said…
The Link is fixed! Thanks for letting me know.
It is at!
Hi! I came over from Sew Chic and Unique! We both happen to be in Muscat, Oman and I am really excited to join in! I have never done any type of sew along and really look forward to it!

I'll use this this summer for my trip back home to America!! Yippee!!
Janeen Jordan said…
My friend talked me into joining this sew along and I'm excited. I love this pattern!!
Anonymous said…
I just found this sew along today and really would like to download the pattern but not able to. What a pity, because looks like a project.
Melissa said…
Can anyone tell me the finished dimensions of this tote? I'm hoping it will work for me! So cute!
Sew Spoiled said…
The Weekender totes finished size is 21"w (at the base) X 13"H X 4" Deep at the bottom. The opening measures 15" across the top.
Sew Spoiled said…
I am starting a new Sew Along!!! It will be the Cabrio Tote!!!
Here is the Time line...

Gather Fabric and supplies (Step1)- - - - - - Jan. 18- Feb. 1 (2weeks)

Cut out the pieces (Step 2)- - - - - - - - - - - - -Feb. 2- Feb. 8

Straps and Outer Shell Panel gathered (Step 3-6) -- - Feb. 9- Feb. 15 

Finish outer shell and make pockets (Step 7-8) - - - - - Feb. 16- Feb. 22

Magnet Clasp and Finish Lining (Step 9-11) - - - - - - Feb. 23- March 1

Finish the Tote (Step 12-14)- - - - - - - - March 2- 8
The pattern is available in my Etsy Shop!
If you do not have the pattern yet, use the coupon code: CABRIOTOTE for 20% off the Cabrio Tote pattern only. You can not use this coupon on any other pattern.

Go to and sign up to join the flickr group!!

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